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GO-TO PATTERNS: Cats Claws and Kittens Claws

Cats Claws & Kittens Claws by Margaret MacInnis (Designs By Muggins)

I first used this pattern in many years ago when it was newly designed. It was in a Ravelry group called Vannas Choice Fan Club. There are swaps & all in that group. Muggins (for she will always be known as such to me) has designed many wonderful patterns. I tend to always use either version of this square in almost every blanket I make. It just adds something to a blanket. It is a simple way to add flair to a blanket. I am sure I will always use this pattern. It is one of my go to patterns for 9 inch and 12 inch square patterns. I always recommend Muggins designs to others when I answer requests for squares to use. It is well worth the money for each pattern. You will never go wrong with this pattern being added to your blanket or afghan.

GO-TO PATTERNS: Dragonfly Socks

This year I wanted to add more content to the site. Among book reviews, guides, & the Mish Mash KCAL I thought I’d add my Go-to Patterns. These are patterns I have used more then 3 times. I plan to only put 1 pattern per post. Which will include a link to the Ravelry pattern page (if possible), a link to the designer page on Raverly (if possible), and why I use the pattern repeatedly.

Dragonfly Socks by Jocelyn Sertich (Cavyshops)

I first used this pattern in 2012 for the Nerd Wars group I was in at the time. They where my first ‘non-vanilla’ socks. First time I used yarn overs & decreases. First time I used the after thought heel. You can see my 1st time using this pattern at: I have made socks using this pattern at least 13 times since 2012. I have made Hev & Grace at least 1 pair each using this pattern. I have also made my Mom a pair of socks using this pattern. I have used this pattern on toe up socks too – the pattern is just as nice ‘up-side down’. This pattern is easy to memorize and get in the groove of knitting. Before you know it you are ready to do the heel and/or toe. The pattern is 10 rows & 15 stitches. The photo I have used for this post You can see I even did the pattern for the heel flap. It’s easy to do as the pattern is the right side & the plain knit rows turn into purl stitches for the wrong side. I absolutely love this pattern! I would recommend this pattern to those who are looking to do more then vanilla socks.