Some New Stuff

Last month I got the urge to make my own calendars. I could never really find any that I liked. I also liked my old header for this site before I paid for the current one. I thought why not put the 2 together! So I did! I had lost the psd of the header image so it is not exactly like the old header image but it is close. I used many different Photoshop brushes along with a pretty font. I plan on making at least 3 more sets of 2019 calendars in different colors. Probably in blue, green, & purple. You can download any of the calendars I have done by going to I hope you like them!

Preview of calendars:

Cirice October 2018 Mish Mash KCAL Crocheted Square


The October Square for the Mish Mash KCAL is up on both sites!

Cirice can be found at
Lines To My Diagonal can be found at

Some Changes Made For Pattern Testing.

For a few months I have sent out patterns to those who have signed up for testing. Some of you have responded to my emails while some of you have not. Due to those not responding after I sent the pattern out to be tested I have to ask those who are serious to please fill the form out again. You must now add your Ravelry user name. To be able to get a pattern to test you have to have been active on Ravelry at least 2 weeks or less from when you signed up to test a pattern. If you haven’t been then I will not send you a pattern to test and I will remove you from the list of pattern testers. If you see a pattern has been published since you have applied please reapply.

I know people want to test patterns. They get excited about it. They have fun testing patterns. I appreciate all those who have actually tested any of my patterns. I understand life gets in the way. However please update the pattern designer somehow. We like having people test our patterns. But we sometimes rely on our testers and can’t release a pattern until we hear back from them.

If you have signed up to be a tester previously please fill out the form again. The form has changed and everything is required to be filled out except the website/blog & comments sections.