New Pattern!

My newest pattern has been released! it is called Startbight and is a 7inch crochet square. To find it go to As usual is free here on the site. If you want a formatted & ad free version the PDF is available on Ravelry. Links are on the pattern page.

The PDF is free on Ravelry until January 31, 2019.


You read that right. I need test knitters for my first ever sock pattern! If you didn’t know I do also knit. I have a few knit patterns & after years of knitting socks I have came up with my own design.

f you are not comfortable using any of the techniques you can feel free to use any other technique. I am really concerned with the stitch count, pattern stitches, typos, etc of the entire pattern.

A few things about testing this pattern:

  • I will NOT pay you to test this pattern. You are doing it for free. You will receive NO COMPENSATION in ANY form.
  • You may or may not receive this pattern for free as a gift once it is published and added to Ravelry. This is one reason I ask for your Ravelry user name below.

If you still want to test this pattern please continue to read on to find out the stitches, techniques, etc of what is needed.

What You Need To Know How To Do:

Here is a list of techniques & stitches used in the pattern. You need to know how to do these.

Other Information You Need:

  • Gauge is 11 rows and 8 stitches is 1” on size US2 needles.
  • You will need at least 1 color of sock yarn – 100g. The pattern is written for 1 color however I used 2 colors for the picture on the PDF.
  • The sock was designed using the Magic Loop method of knitting. However I have added a note about what stitches are for the ‘top’ of the sock & the ‘bottom’ of the sock.
  • There is a chart for the stitch pattern.
  • At the end there is a close up of the stitch pattern.

If You Are Certain You Can Do the Above The Continue On!

What You Will Need To Do To During The Test:

There are a few things you need to do for me while testing. You will also have a certain date to finish by and provide notes & pictures.

  • February 28, 2019 is the date the testing ends. This means I need all your notes, photos, corrections, etc if you have any.
  • You will need to be able to take pictures. This is for issues you may have. Seeing where you are stuck will help me greatly. I also want to see how your finished pair of socks look.
  • You must have a Ravelry user name and use Ravelry. This is so I can see if you active and if I choose to send the finished pattern to you once it is published & listed on Ravelry. By Active I mean at least in the last 2-3 weeks you have updated one of your projects. I don’t want you to have too much to do as that is just bad for your creativity on your other projects.
  • You must have a valid email address. I will use this to send you the pattern and correspond with you. it will NEVER be used for spam. I may also contact you for future tests if I have any (as my crochet testers can attest to that I do this).

You will receive the PDF for testing by January 27, 2019.

Sign Up To Test This Pattern:

All parts of this for EXCEPT the website/blog & message area are required. This is to ensure you are serious about testing this pattern.

Pattern Testing Is Open Again

I have decided to take more sign ups for pattern testing. I really need dependable people to test any patterns I design in the future. If you just want to proof read the pattern or make the pattern and test that way it no longer matters. As long as you are dependable and know that you will NOT be paid to test any of my patterns please signup.

The sign up for is located at You can also get there from the navigation above. I do still have the Ravelry requirement for testing. It is the only way I can make sure you are active and know how to crochet and/or knit.

I am involved in a CAL however my square is not being released till the fall (in the US). If you are interested in testing the square please mention it in the comments that is on the sign up form.