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Yet Another WoW Post

World of Warcraft is a big part of my life so I probably will post frequently about it. If you don’t like it I’m sorry. I get so much inspiration for my square designs from WoW though.

I have been thinking a lot about the life of my characters on WoW. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could remember all their names and servers they have been on. So here is a list of what I can remember. Grëtchën and Käresta are my oldest toons. Käresta is my very first toon while Grëtchën is my second oldest and my main.

Grëtchën – Death Knight

  • Started as Sorina on the Tanaris server as a Blood Elf on the Horde.
  • Moved to Draenor server & renamed Jemmie.
  • Faction changed to the alliance & race changed to a Draenei.
  • Faction changed back to the Horde & race changed to a Troll.
  • Server moved to Madoran & race changed back to Blood Elf & changed her name to Sanngridr.
  • Server moved to Thrall & renamed Grëtchën.

Ásta – Hunter

  • Started on the Draenor server as a Goblin on the Horde named Heartskull.
  • Faction changed to the Alliance & became a Draenei with a name change to Ana.
  • Faction changed back to Horde as a Blood Elf & name changed her to Aña.
  • Server change to Madoran.
  • Faction changed her to Draenei & name changed to Ásta.

Holyknit – Priest

  • Started on the Draenor server as a Goblin on the Horde named Unnknownn.
  • Server change to Madoran & name changed to Sorina.
  • Server change to Thrall & name changed to Holyknit.

Hammond – Druid

  • Started on the Misha server as a Night Elf on the Alliance named Knittery.
  • Moved to the Draenor server/
  • Faction changed to Horde & race changed to Tauren with a name change to Dutchessmoo.
  • Server move to Madoran.
  • Faction change to Alliacne & back to Night Elf with the name Hammond.

Lenae – Paladin

  • Started on the Draenor server as a Draeni for the Alliance as Lenae.
  • Faction changed to Blood Elf for the Horde.
  • Server move to Madoran.
  • Faction changed back to Draenei for the Alliance.

Kyla – Mage

  • Started on the Draenor server as a Draenei for the Allinace named Dustin.
  • Faction changed to the Horde as a Blood Elf & renamed to Bamzi.
  • Server moved to Dawnbringer & name changed to Kyla.
  • Faction changed back to Alliance as a Draenei.

Käresta – Warlock

  • Started on the Tanaris server as an Undead for the Horde named Teranca.
  • Server moved to Draenor server.
  • Server moved to Madoran server.
  • Faction changed to Alliance as a Dwarf & renamed Käresta.

Sygny – Monk

  • Started on the Draenor server as an Undead for the Horde named Valica.
  • Server moved to the Madoran server.
  • Faction changed to Alliance as a Draeni & renamed to Sygny.

Elska – Demon Hunter

  • Started on the Madroan server as a Blood Elf for the Horde.
  • Faction changed to the alliance as a Night Elf.

Ástríðr – Shaman

  • Started on the Dawnbringer server as a troll for the Horde.
  • Faction changed to the Alliance as a Draenei & renamed to Ástríðr.

All my other toons are on the servers they started on and haven’t been through any faction or server moves for their entire ‘lives’. I have spent around $450 on faction changes and around $325 on server changes. Throw in a few appearance and name changes and I have spent around $800-$850 in the last 9 years for this game. I haven’t included the in store purchases for mounts and pets for myself or others. Nor have I counted the tokens I have bought for gold when I started playing again 3 years ago. I say with all that though I have spent nearly $1000 in total. That is not counting the $15 a mont subscription fee. I have no idea if I can even fathom how much that would be alone – even with the 2 year break I took.


I’m waiting. Waiting for what? For the previous registrar of my domain to release it to the new registrar. I would like to get things going on the new host. I somehow feel it will be a bit stressful. I have downloaded the XML file so I can upload my site right away. But waiting for the domain to transfer is all that is holding me back.

Anyhow. A few days ago Blizzard released the alpha release for Word of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth (BfA) expansion pack. It has me really worried I won’t get Loremaster done. Nor will I get a warrior to 110. The other night Grace suggested I put a list on my site of what I want to get done before BfA drops. I thought it a good idea. I have no idea how I am going to display the list or where on my site. I’m going to start a list here in this post so I can look back on it.

  • Get a warrior to 110.
  • Get Netherstorm & Icecrown zones done for Loremaster achievement.
  • Get the Rogue class hall & mount done.
  • Get the warrior class hall & mount done.
  • Get first aid to 800 on my draenie hunter Ásta.
  • Get the mining, blacksmithing, jewelcrafting, & inscription professions to 800 on various toons.
  • Finish getting the leather set for 25man (I think heroic) Ulduar raid.
  • Work on Netherwing reputation on my dk Grëtchën.
  • Farm Sha’tari Skygaurd reputation on my dk Grëtchën.
  • Get to exalted with the Nightborne on my dk Grëtchën.
  • Farm claws for the mount in Tanaan Jungle on my dk Grëtchën.

There is a theme with reputation and my dk Grëtchën. She is what I call my ‘rep whore’. She is my ‘main’ and has 43 exalted reputations. Getting exalted with some reputations takes a lot of work and time. I’ve decided she will be the one I work on rep first for each expansion starting in BfA. I was alliance until a few months ago for the Legion expansion and I regretted it completely when I started playing Grëtchën again. It felt wrong not to have the expansions factions not exalted on her.

On a personal note I am a bit stressed. For those that do not know I am on SSI. I got a letter saying I have a phone appointment. I am worried they will think I am well enough to work. I’m not though. I can barely move some days. I just sit here at my desk or lay down on my bed because no matter what I am in so much pain. I can’t sleep because of it so I stay on the pc & try to do something productive. It’s why I have so many level capped toons on WoW. My hands have hurt a lot this winter which is really unusual for me as well. I hope they decide I’m still eligble for SSI. There is no way I can work when I can hardly use my hands or move for that matter. I ignore the pain as much as I can and it makes my numb to everything else. I literally do not feel anything emotionally as a by-product of ignoring my pain. If I even let myself feel I would be a crying mess all the time. I know one day I won’t be able to keep going like this. I am holding out for at least 2 more years before I let things come to the surface. There are a few reasons for that I just dont have the energy to explain. I do know I need to get a power of attorney stuff done before I let it all go. The men children will be the ones responsible for me and it’s not their business nor is it their responsibility. I plan on making my mom my power of attorney. I don’t know how fair that is to her but she knows more about what to do & whats going on with me besdies Heather & Grace. And she lives 10 minutes away. As of right now I am still on pain management. My rheumatologist will not let me have Orencia until I get a shingles vaccine. I am not old enough for one. We are at a stalemate of sorts. if I live until I am 50 I guess I will be able to have orencia then. That is 13 years away though. I personally hope I don’t live that long. I am so tired of the pain. Just tired in general. This life has been shit and I just want to rest.

This turned rather depressing. It’s how I am when I talk about the pain & my illnesses. I’ll leave here with a reminder that the Mish Mash KCAL Hev & I are hosting starts next week! I hope to see some join!