It's been around 6 weeks or so since I posted anything here. I have been busy with my new addiction and health problems. Lupus sucks so bad most times. I decided to let you all know about my new addiction - Shawls. A few months ago I joined a KAL - The Marly Bird KAL [...]

The Blanket Update

It's been a month since I posted Making Blankets.  I've been working on them slowly but surely.  Here is an update on where I am with them.  I am even adding a new one to the mix.  You know because I need more to do. Lotus Moon Blanket I decided to only make 4 squares [...]

Darkmoon Faire Blanket

You know you play way too much World of Warcraft when colors of yarn you pick up remind you of places in the game.  In this case the colors I picked up remind me of the Darkmoon Faire. I bought the blue, green, and yellow originally to make a boy baby blanket.  I have no [...]