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A New Look & Possible Server Moves

For a few weeks I have noticed that the site here would take up to a minute to load. That is not a good thing. I figured it was the javascript from the theme I was using. I found a temporary theme and adjusted the site as needed. I am not quite sure what sort of theme I want yet. I am looking through themes as I see them or I am shown them. I am not a fan of sidebars or sliders. I prefer the widgets to be on the bottom. I also like a full width or 3/4 width for the content. It will take time to find the perfect theme.

In other news. I am certain I will be switching hosts. I have found a host that has more storage for less then I pay at A Small orange. ASO is an excellent web hosting company and I would recommend them to anyone. Money is tight as always so if I find something better for cheaper then I will be using that service instead. I hope I have a theme found by the time I switch hosts or stay with ASO and renew for another year.