Tag: The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs: Volume 1: Mystery and Science

BOOK REVIEW: The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs: Volume 1: Mystery and Science

Title: The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs: Volume 1: Mystery and Science
Author: James T. Abbott
Genre: Science, Non-fiction
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Book Description:

What exactly is impossible in this universe? The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs is for anyone for whom “the UFO thing” is enduringly fascinating but bafflingly complex. It cuts out all the smoke and mirrors and focuses on core questions like what are UFOs, how long have they been around, and are they hoaxes, figments of the imagination, or real?

Author James Abbott is a highly experienced researcher who has spent years studying this timeless debate as an outsider. With no vested interests, he presents all sides of the story without fear or favour. Read about
– 40 of the most important UFO cases
– 9 official projects and reports on the subject
– 13 fascinatingly strange UFO characteristics
– 20 possible explanations for UFOs
– the very best photo and video evidence

The Outsider’s Guide to UFOs explains why there may be up to 3,000 totally inexplicable UFO sightings every year around the world. It also discusses four mind-blowing theories about UFOs, clarifies the background, simplifies the main questions, and presents evidence and counter-evidence about the mysterious things we see in the sky. More importantly, it recommends straightforward action to settle the UFO question once and for all.

My Review

I really liked this book. it wasn’t written like other books about UFOs. it read somewhat like a text book – but yet not. You can read from the 1st page to the last or skip around. I read most of what was in this book. However, with that being said, it is good for those just starting to get into this area. Also good for a brush up of what you’ve already read about.

I received this book from netgalley.com for a honest review.