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I did it!

I finally did a short row heel with wraps & turns for the first time ever! I have been knitting over 10 years now and never understood how to do wraps & turns. Yesterday Hev got me a link to a video she uses & it all clicked for me. I am so happy I figured it out. It is the easiest heel – even though it’s messy. It will only get less messy the more I do them.

They are done!

A while ago I started a pair of scrappy socks. I made a blog post about it & why it was going to be hard for me to do. You can read about it at http://crochetjessica.com/2019/03/10/scrappy-socks/ Anyhow. I am happy to announce I finally finished them today!

They are big. they will more then likely be used for slipper socks. Though some days my feet swell a lot so they might fit perfect then. I am so happy they are done! They inspired a new pattern I have written up! That will be published sometime closer to November this year.