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Some Changes Made For Pattern Testing.

For a few months I have sent out patterns to those who have signed up for testing. Some of you have responded to my emails while some of you have not. Due to those not responding after I sent the pattern out to be tested I have to ask those who are serious to please fill the form out again. You must now add your Ravelry user name. To be able to get a pattern to test you have to have been active on Ravelry at least 2 weeks or less from when you signed up to test a pattern. If you haven’t been then I will not send you a pattern to test and I will remove you from the list of pattern testers. If you see a pattern has been published since you have applied please reapply.

I know people want to test patterns. They get excited about it. They have fun testing patterns. I appreciate all those who have actually tested any of my patterns. I understand life gets in the way. However please update the pattern designer somehow. We like having people test our patterns. But we sometimes rely on our testers and can’t release a pattern until we hear back from them.

If you have signed up to be a tester previously please fill out the form again. The form has changed and everything is required to be filled out except the website/blog & comments sections. http://crochetjessica.com/pattern-tester-information-sign-ups/

A Little Distracted

As some of you might or might not know about me is that I am a World of Warcraft player. I have been playing since 2008. I have been there since the end of Wrath Of The Lich King. I main a death knight on horde and a hunter on alliance. I am bifactional. This past Tuesday (or a Monday depending on where you live in the world) a new expansion pack was released – Battle For Azeroth. Being the good little death knight I have done pretty much nothing besides being an adult (chores, dinner, etc) stuff, sleeping if the pain lets me, & leveling characters in World of Warcraft. I thought it would be a few days of constant gaming then it would slow down a bit and i would get back into my crafting. Yeah that all changed when I decided to say hell with it and pvp (player versus player) with Grace. I hadn’t pvp’d in dps spec ever. I used to heal on my paladin in pvp. Then I forced to take a 2 yeear break until like 3-4 years ago. I came back played through a few expansions. Last night I got my priest all figured out pretty much and healed in pvp with my priest instead of one of my paladins.

What I am trying to say is I am consumed with pvping. And it is all Grace’s fault. Last expansion she got us to main alliance for most of it. This time we are back horde and pvping. I am sure if she could get Hev to pvp with us she would be Queen Of The World.

I will be able to be contacted through the contact form, comments, & email but I will be taking a bit to get back to you. Those who have signed up to be pattern testers I have your contact forms saved and have read through them. Expect contact in a few weeks as that is when the next square pattern will be started to be tested. If you have experience testing sock patterns can you please refill the form out & put in the comments SOCK TESTING. Before the new expansion for WoW dropped I designed a sock that I haven’t seen before and want to get it done & tested by the US Thanksgiving so that I can release it December 1st of this year.

So all in all this post is to let you know I will be slow in responding. I will be on time for Mish Mash next month. I will be working on the current test of next months pattern with the testers. You will be getting an email next month for Octobers square as I have Septembers square already out being tested. If I come up with a design before then I will email all that have signed up to be pattern testers. Please do not loose faith in me. I love you all for helping & willing to help. I am just consumed by my one vice and when I get my in game life figured out (leveling, how the new lands and factions work, etc) I will be back to answering right away within the week.

Edited to add: I have been thinking of recognizing those that have tested my patterns consistently. You don’t have to test every pattern but when you do you do what I ask and on time. I haven’t quite decided how I am going to do that besides gifting the patterns you tested. I was thinking of adding a page to the site listing who they are. Let me know what you think.

Important Pattern Update – Blooming Hearts

I felt it was important to post about my update of Blooming Hearts. It was horribly written. Here is a list of what has been updated.

  • bphdc was added to keep the petals from fall through the holes behind them.
  • Listed what CA, CB, & CC where on the square.
  • Properly named a st (fptrtr was really a fpdtr).
  • All rounds now have stitch counts.
  • round 2 had sts missing – they are now added.
  • Round 12 had a few things missing – they have been added.
  • Round 13 has had tapestry crochet added to it – you can always use 1 color if you prefer. Photos added as well as a list on how I changed the colors.
  • Round 11 & 14 have been totally rewritten.
  • Round 15 – 17 had counts wrong to a degree. I wanted the corners to be where the’leaves’ where. However no matter how many times I redid those rounds how I had them written it did not work so I moved a few stitches around and it worked how I wanted it to. The counts effected are the first few stitches at the beginning and end of the rounds.
  • Removed round 21 & 22. My square ends up being 12 after round 20. If yours doesn’t there are plenty of ways to add rounds or change the size of your square online.
  • Gauge has been added.

If you cannot update your pattern on Ravelry please let me know. I know charge $1.99usd for the pattern so it may not let you. If you would like an updated pattern please contact me on Ravelry or here. If you contact me here make sure you add your Ravelry name so I can gift it to the correct person. I will make sure you have the pattern in your library before gifting the pattern to you.

NEW PATTERN: Mushi Mushroom

For a while now I wanted to make a few mushroom amigurumis. I looked for some I liked. I tried some. They were good. But they weren’t quite what I was looking for. I decided to make my own in how I envisioned it. This is how this came about.

It is free. If you want a PDF you can pay $1usd for it on ravelry. Check out the pattern page for the pattern & link to the PDF download. Don’t forget to add it to your Ravelry queue too! Also if you find an error please let me know!