We Are Back! And Other Things…

Finally we are back.  Wasn’t much down time – only a week at most.  But it is nice to be back.  I also have more space then I previously did which makes it so I can do more.

While I was not playing WoW or able to have a website I got a few things done that I started. The most important is the Darkmoon Faire Blanket.

It’s done! #365crafting #crafting365 #crochet #crochetersofinstagram

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I used 1 & 1/4 of all 4 colors. It ended up being 53 inches wide by 57 inches long before the crocodile stitch border. I have at least 2 more blankets to make for Christmas gifts. I have already started on one. I am doing a simple Lotus Moon Tiles blanket. The center will be warm brown, the petals will be a variation of 2 colors of blue, the leaves will be the green used in the DMF blanket, and the background will be in a soft white color. As soon as I start putting it together I will blog about it.

I also got my pillow cover done. I decided I needed to put the ends together with a kitchner stitch. Never again! It is done however. The fabric I knitted ended up being rather tight as intended. Last thing I need is for the cover to move around while I am sleeping. It is a pet peeve of mine and the reason I despise pillow cases. However here is the pictures of said pillow cover completed.

New Stuff & News

You may have noticed crochetjessica.com has changed yet again. It has.  That is because money is tight. I do not have the money to pay for web space currently.  I plan to change this as soon as I am able though.

All my designs can still be found here if that is what you are looking for.

I want to do things I used to do on my site that eventually felt like a chore. Meaning I want to blog about my crafty goodness.  I use Instagram for my photos now and that could prove to be irritating.  However they do offer the option to embed photos into webpages or blog posts.

I want to be able to blog once in awhile as well.  I do not see the point in blogging on a regular basis.  Like what changes I made to a square or what I figured out for a round to make it easier for me to read.  I don’t always remember to put those in my Ravelry notes.


We will see what happens. I hope I can afford some web space soon.

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