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BOOK REVIEW: Touch Of Ice (Dawn of Dragons #1)

Title: Touch Of Ice (Dawn of Dragons #1)
Author: Mary Auclair
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
My Rating:

Book Description:

When Endora is faced with her daughter’s terminal illness, she takes the only chance she’s got. She braves the potential risks and signs a mating contract with the Delradon Draekon Lords, intent on using the payment to buy the aliens’ cure to save her daughter’s life.

Lord Aldric Darragon rules over his land with an iron fist until one day the only woman who is genetically compatible with him agrees to his offer of mating. As his all-consuming passion for Endora explodes, an ancient threat looms heavy over humans and Delradons alike. With the lives of everyone he cares about hanging in the balance, Aldric has to fight the demons of his past if he wants to defeat the enemies of the present.

Publisher’s Note: This gripping sci-fi alien romance has it all: dragons, passion and tension. It also contains explicit themes and is intended for adults only.

My Review

This book appealed to me because Sci-Fi, dragons, etc – they typical for me. I liked the book. I like how the author writes. However the only thing I can really say is she seemed to write it in preparation for a Sci-Fi movie and/or show. Which in my opinion it would be a very good movie and/or show. I just don’t like when things are written for that purpose and usually refrain reading such books. Maybe I feel this way because of Endorra’s actions. I get why she was like that but really? I really wanted to slap her A LOT. I doubt I’ll read this series farther if Endorra is part of the main story line. I refuse to fall for another series where the female lead is a hypocritical idiot. Despite how Endorra is I like how the world was described. I love Aldric. If Endorra isn’t part of the main story line going forward I will read more.

I received this book from netgalley.com for a honest review.