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It’s My Birthday!

Hello folks! First I thought I would start this off by tell you for the rest of September all my patterns are 50% off on Raverly in celebration of my 39th birthday. It’s an automatic discount – no coupon code needed. So if you have been on the site to use my patterns but wanted the PDF now is your chance to get them for way cheaper then normal. You can find the link to Raverly on each pattern page or go find them at https://www.ravelry.com/designers/jessica-phillips

Things are getting there for me. So much has been realized. So much has changed. So much is different. Maybe one day I’ll go into it. Maybe not. Probably not as it has to do with my ex and if he gets going I am sure he will remember I have a site he can view and he doesn’t need to know about it all. He was upset when he realized I blocked him on Facebook.