We Are Back! And Other Things…

Finally we are back.  Wasn’t much down time – only a week at most.  But it is nice to be back.  I also have more space then I previously did which makes it so I can do more.

While I was not playing WoW or able to have a website I got a few things done that I started. The most important is the Darkmoon Faire Blanket.

It’s done! #365crafting #crafting365 #crochet #crochetersofinstagram

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I used 1 & 1/4 of all 4 colors. It ended up being 53 inches wide by 57 inches long before the crocodile stitch border. I have at least 2 more blankets to make for Christmas gifts. I have already started on one. I am doing a simple Lotus Moon Tiles blanket. The center will be warm brown, the petals will be a variation of 2 colors of blue, the leaves will be the green used in the DMF blanket, and the background will be in a soft white color. As soon as I start putting it together I will blog about it.

I also got my pillow cover done. I decided I needed to put the ends together with a kitchner stitch. Never again! It is done however. The fabric I knitted ended up being rather tight as intended. Last thing I need is for the cover to move around while I am sleeping. It is a pet peeve of mine and the reason I despise pillow cases. However here is the pictures of said pillow cover completed.

Darkmoon Faire Blanket

You know you play way too much World of Warcraft when colors of yarn you pick up remind you of places in the game.  In this case the colors I picked up remind me of the Darkmoon Faire. I bought the blue, green, and yellow originally to make a boy baby blanket.  I have no reason to make it but I wanted to. Besides when Caron One Pound yarn is $6.99 you really do not pass it up.  It hardly ever goes on sale.  Normally it is $9.99 a skein and in my opinion too much money for a pound of yarn. Yes I am cheap.

Here is the blanket at 50 inches wide and 50 inches long.


Yes you can see my dirty socks, pillow cases, trash, bed, etc.  Lets just ignore that.  What you see is my DMF Blanket at the 50 inch mark.  The middle square I designed on a whim when I decided I needed an 18 inch square for the middle.  There is no purple in any of the squares so far except on the borders because I decided to add that color later when I realized adding it would make it so DMF like.  I want to make it at least 60 inches wide.  The length will be more then 60 inches as of right now.  The border will be made up of the crocodile stitch to simulate flags.  Some people call it buntings.

If you want to see what squares I used to make up the 12 squares surrounding the bigger middle square you can do so on my Ravelry project page.  I also am trying to put as many notes in there as I can for the ‘borders’ or ‘sections’.  I am also pretty sure this will end up a Christmas gift for one of the few wonderful people in my life.  Not sure who yet though.

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