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Improving Patterns

I have discovered that Stitch Fiddle can help you with charts! At first I thought it was just for graphghan charts. Didn’t think anything of it until yesterday after I tried to write out a sock pattern. I looked on Google for recommendations for a Knit Chart Writer. Stitch Fiddle was among the top of the list of search returns. I decided to give it a try and it worked! I have decided if I can figure out how to write the chart properly for my Lean To Scarf I will focus on updating all knitting patterns I have available to have a chart as well as the written instructions already included in each pattern. Right now the chart is with Hev as she is the knitting person in my tiny group of friends. If she says it looks fine then over the next week when I am not playing World of Warcraft I will be adding charts.

I hope to figure out how to do the crochet charts from some of my patterns. They have that option as well. Either knitting or crochet chart writing I have to look up the symbols to make sure I use the correct ones. That is time consuming. However it will enable more people to have access to my patterns and I would really like that.