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GO-TO PATTERNS: Cats Claws and Kittens Claws

Cats Claws & Kittens Claws by Margaret MacInnis (Designs By Muggins)

I first used this pattern in many years ago when it was newly designed. It was in a Ravelry group called Vannas Choice Fan Club. There are swaps & all in that group. Muggins (for she will always be known as such to me) has designed many wonderful patterns. I tend to always use either version of this square in almost every blanket I make. It just adds something to a blanket. It is a simple way to add flair to a blanket. I am sure I will always use this pattern. It is one of my go to patterns for 9 inch and 12 inch square patterns. I always recommend Muggins designs to others when I answer requests for squares to use. It is well worth the money for each pattern. You will never go wrong with this pattern being added to your blanket or afghan.