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Things Need To Be Done!

I am a bit overwhelmed right now. I have many things to do. I have 6 book reviews to do which means I need to read 6 books. This is not normally a problem. This leads to another thing – photosensitivity. Yesterday I finally crashed. I slept around 20 hours yesterday because of the sun. In a previous blog post I discussed all that goes with my sun issue so i won’t repeat myself here. Then Robert broke my tablet last week. I had to order a new one from Dell. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. yes i know it’s not the best but it suits my needs as I only really read on it. I had issues with NetGalley too. The issues with the book downloads are supposed to be fixed so when I can stay up longer then a few hours at a time and I have time I will retry to get the books to work so I can review them. As well as all that I stated Orencia last Tuesday. It has already started working. usually when meds start working right away they don’t last long. I’m hoping they do. I didn’t realize how much I stopped doing things (using my hands) until this past week. If my flare lasts the rest of the week I will have no choice to call the Rheumatologist and get steroids. Not exactly what I want to do. he may also think it was brought on by the Orencia & I may have to stop taking it. One good thing about this hellish week is I am on part 4 of the Arizona CAL – I was on part 2 last week. I will get caught up.

I will get everything caught up & going back to how I had it soonish. A week or two.

BOOK REVIEW: Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1)

Title: Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1)
Author: Laurel K. Hamilton
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampires
My Rating:

Book Description:

In a world where vampires, zombies and werewolves have been declared legal citizens of the United States, Anita Blake is an “animator” – a profession that involves raising the dead for mourning relatives. But Anita is also known as a fearsome hunter of criminal vampires, and she’s often employed to investigate cases that are far too much for conventional police. But as Anita gains the attention of the vampire masters of her hometown of St Louis, she also risks revealing an intriguing secret about herself – the source of her unusual strength and power.

My Review

I remember reading this book about 3 or 4 years ago when my youngest son was in Rady’s Childrens Hospital for a few weeks. I was so stressed & worn out the books I read sort of went in & right back out again. I didn’t really get to enjoy them – I just go the basics of the stories. I figured to read this series again along with a few other ones I read during that time.

I don’t remember my first impression of this book – back then I wasn’t into quick reads or vampire books – more like I had a thing for books like The Stand & The Dark Tower series. This time around I read it & it seemed like what you think might be a plausible existence if there where actually vampires, zombies, weres, necromancers, etc in the world. Right off the bat you learn of the other major character after Anita – Jean Claude. He somehow stays in the back of your mind through out the whole book and really it is him that kept Anita alive. The author doesn’t say as much but its the logical answer when you think about the marks, etc. They not only kept Jean Claude alive but kept Anita alive as well.

I don’t remember much of the series except the were-panther parts & I hope re-reading this series will help me remember things and/or discover parts I missed the first time around. I need something to add to my head for the dreams I have.


Title: Crochet Kaleidoscope
Author: Sandra Eng
Genre:Art > Crafts
My Rating:

Book Description:

Explore a lively twist on crocheted motifs as you shift through various shapes and color combinations. From the traditional granny square to more complex forms, these faceted motifs are the building blocks to creating unique and stunning designs. Crochet Kaleidoscope will help make your projects pop with the perfect mix of color in every stitch.

Along with a collection of 100 fresh motifs, this book includes a complete guide to choosing yarn colors, what order to put them in, and how many to include. Plus, get five home decor and accessory patterns including a table runner, pillow, and rug from crochet designer and author Sandra Eng. You can shift shapes and shades to make the perfect piece for your home.

Every turn of the crochet kaleidoscope allows you to get creative with color and apply your own unique personality to your crochet motifs.

My Review

I love to look through patterns books for knitting and crocheting. It inspires me to create, design, to play with colors, and to imagine. This book surpasses my expectations. I could easily see myself purchasing a physical copy of this book to keep on my shelf with the few other go-to crochet books on my shelf. The author describes how she chooses colors very well – it makes sense. I will use this information to help me choose in the future. The pictures of her motifs are clear enough that if you don’t understand the pattern and/or graph you could very well crochet it anyhow by just looking at the photo. The stitches show very well. I like how there are notes for the pattern. I like notes in patterns no matter where they are and prefer patterns with them. The book is well done and I want to buy a physical copy for me to have on my shelf.

I received this book from Net Galley for a honest review.

BOOK REVIEW: Getting Started Knitting Socks

Title: Getting Started Knitting Socks
Author: Ann Budd
Genre: Art > Crafts
My Rating:

Book Description:

From cast-on stitches to binding off, this handbook details the simple steps needed to turn seemingly complicated sock knitting projects into easy and enjoyable activities. Helpful photographs and instructional drawings ensure that even inexperienced knitters will be able to produce high-quality socks and handle more complicated techniques, such as the Kitchener stitch at the toe. Using instructions for five different sizes–from child through adult large–at five different gauges, knitters can produce styles ranging from delicate dress socks to thick and furry slipper socks. More adventurous knitters can add variety and flair by following one of 16 unique designs or trying one of the dozens of rib, cable, and lace patterns provided. With plenty of tips and a handy stitch dictionary, this guide unleashes the creativity and fun of sock knitting.

My Review

I thought since I started reviewing books I would reviews the books I cannot live without. This book is one of those. Though I can knit all sorts of styles of socks I always refer to this book for anything sock related. I bought this book from a yarn store for the price on the back because I was desperate to learn how to knit socks. It was well worth the price and i will pay full price for ANY of Ann Budds books in the future.

Ann Budd explains the construction of socks very well. She tells you what materials you need as well. How she explains the anatomy of a sock just clicked with me when others couldn’t.

This is my ‘Sock Bible’. I really don’t think I could live without this book and continue to knit socks.