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How I Format my Book Reviews On My Site

Book ReviewI always seem to be asking Hev for her HTML templates she uses on her site. After putting my pattern HTML template in PDF form I thought to put the book review HTML template Hev gave me. This is what I use for my book reviews. It is based off of what Hev has for hers.

Hev can be found at http://tigerwhispers.com

  1. This was written for the text editor in WordPress Blog. It can be used on any HTML/PHP page. The only thing that is not usable as is are the HTML for Font Awesome.
  2. If you want to use the Font Awesome coding please go to http://fontawesome.com and do what it says. The coding for Font Awesome WILL NOT work unless you do this. The coding in this is for FontAwesome5.
  3. Know the basics of HTML. Or go to W3Schools and learn. https://www.w3schools.com/

I am going to try to go through each HTML part and tell you what it does. I am self taught. I have no training or degree for HTML or coding of any sort. I am NOT responsible should you mess anything up on your blog, web server, etc. This is just a guide describing what I do for my book reviews I offer on my site. At the end of this will be the plain code with no description of what things are. If you have any questions please contact me on my site http://crochetjessica.com Please do not bother Hev.

IMPORTANT: You will have to add CSS to your theme. Most themes let you add additional CSS. In the WordPress build I am using it is Appearance > Themes > Customize & the screen you are taken too should have ‘Additional CSS’ on the bottom of the options that show up. I will add the CSS to the end with the HTML.

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