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Bouquet Pack is six crocheted square patterns designed by Jessica Phillips of crochetjessica.com.

Patterns Included In Bouquet Pack eBook

9 Inch Squares
Grace’s Flower

12 Inch Squares
Blooming Hearts
Roadside Flower
September Flower

Important Pattern Update – Blooming Hearts

I felt it was important to post about my update of Blooming Hearts. It was horribly written. Here is a list of what has been updated.

  • bphdc was added to keep the petals from fall through the holes behind them.
  • Listed what CA, CB, & CC where on the square.
  • Properly named a st (fptrtr was really a fpdtr).
  • All rounds now have stitch counts.
  • round 2 had sts missing – they are now added.
  • Round 12 had a few things missing – they have been added.
  • Round 13 has had tapestry crochet added to it – you can always use 1 color if you prefer. Photos added as well as a list on how I changed the colors.
  • Round 11 & 14 have been totally rewritten.
  • Round 15 – 17 had counts wrong to a degree. I wanted the corners to be where the’leaves’ where. However no matter how many times I redid those rounds how I had them written it did not work so I moved a few stitches around and it worked how I wanted it to. The counts effected are the first few stitches at the beginning and end of the rounds.
  • Removed round 21 & 22. My square ends up being 12 after round 20. If yours doesn’t there are plenty of ways to add rounds or change the size of your square online.
  • Gauge has been added.

If you cannot update your pattern on Ravelry please let me know. I know charge $1.99usd for the pattern so it may not let you. If you would like an updated pattern please contact me on Ravelry or here. If you contact me here make sure you add your Ravelry name so I can gift it to the correct person. I will make sure you have the pattern in your library before gifting the pattern to you.