On Halloween this year I was told by a neurologist I do indeed have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). I have it mainly in my right hand/wrist/arm. The left if just beginning. He doesn’t believe it is a primary condition. That means it is caused by another condition I have and that I do not have it from over-use, etc that is usually the cause for CTS. He told me he was sure it was caused from arthritis and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). On November 29th I will be having an ultrasound done of my hands and wrists to see if I do have RA. If I do there is one more medication I can try that works for both Lupus and RA but is only covered if you have a diagnosis of RA. Either way this is the last attempt at control of Lupus. After this it is just pain management and secondary condition control until I die. I have lived a lot longer then I thought I would because I got officially diagnosed 10 years ago with Lupus though I have had it all my life. Let me tell you the world would probably rejoice if I where to die.

For almost a week after I saw the neurologist I couldn’t really use my hand. I had to decide what was more important that day & save the use of my hand for those activities (aka chores). 2 days ago I tried to knit and it worked. Mainly because I got a brace to wear. It helps from my wrist moving and its weird not to have that much pain at the end of the day. Not much numbness nor pain radiating up my arm like normal. My knitting is looser. Today I crocheted and my crocheting is messier and looser. Its going to be a bit before I can do much. I have to make a beanie for a Christmas present and sew buttons on my Moms gift. Though I may just buy a beanie instead with how loose my knitting is.

Things will get better and my Instagram will have crafting every day again for the rest of the year. Next year I am going to do weekly posts of things I’ve done at the very least – though I will try to do it every day.

Added after I posted: The brace makes me have to hold the crochet hook & knitting needle in a different way. Also the neurologists tests for my hands made my hand almost unusable for days after. It was like my body said ‘hey someone believes you lets take a break & not work!’.