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Dishcloths & Scrubbies


Miscellaneous Patterns – My designs that fit no where else



Squares – All sizes

Toys & Amigurumi


Warm Up America

Crochet & Knit A-longs

Translating Patterns

Do you want to translate my patterns into a different language or into UK terms? Email me at and we will talk about it!

Pattern Testers

This is a list of regular pattern testers.

  • Neestey – Pattern Tester – crochet
  • Heather – Pattern Tester – crochet
  • Grace – Pattern Tester – crochet
  • Jo – Pattern Tester – crochet
  • Sofie – Pattern Tester – crochet
  • Esther – Tech Editor & Proof Reader – crochet & knit

Become A Regular Pattern Tester

I am always on the look for people who would like to become regular pattern testers. What does that mean you may ask? That means I will send you a pattern to test each time I have one ready for testing. You don’t need to ask when I post for testers to sign up for that test – I will automatically send it to you. If you would like to become a regular pattern testers read the requirements below.

Requirements To Become A Regular Pattern Tester

  • Your name
  • The email address you wish to use for corresponding with me.
  • Ravelry user name Read why I require a Ravelry user name here.
  • What type of pattern do you want to test? Crochet, knitting, or both.
  • Experience in crocheting and/or knitting.
  • Be willing to try an experienced pattern. I usually add links to YouTube videos or sites that explain the non-common stitches I use.
  • Understand you will NOT be taken off the list if you let me know you don’t want to test the pattern I sent out or you will be late with the test. I do understand life gets in the way or the pattern just isn’t appealing.
  • Understand you will be temporarily taken off the list if you do not communicate with me by the testing deadline. You will have 1 more chance after that to test before you are taken off permanently.
  • If you can’t complete or will be late email me just saying so. You don’t need to explain yourself unless you want to. If it is constant problem I will take you off the list permanently until you are sure you con be an active tester.
  • Understand I may get a bit personal in my emails. Especially if I feel the need to explain why I was late with the deadlines, etc.
  • Understand I usually will not reply right away. If you need a respond immediately then use Twitter to contact me by Tweeting to me @crchtjessica or use Facebook Messenger at Jessica Phillips.
  • I will NOT allow politics or religion to be involved in my tests no matter what you or I believe in. My patterns are not made to make a statement for or against anything. They are there for enjoyment and for you to use.
  • You will NOT get compensated for your time when testing patterns with the exception of a copy of the formatted PDF if you have a Ravelry account. I will not send you the formatted PDF any other way then Ravelry.
  • There may be months at a time that there will be no testing. I try to space patterns out so testers will get a pattern to test every few months or so. Sometimes life prevents that from happening.
  • TECH EDITOR & PROOF READERS: I do have one tech editor/proof reader. I will always accept more. If you feel you only want to do this instead of testing the pattern email me explaining why you feel you would be good for this. You will be required similar things as regular testers. Understand I will NOT change the format of my patterns unless I choose to no matter your input.

These requirements are put there for both of us. There is no point in me bothering you with requests to test for me if you no longer want/cant test. I also do not want to waste my time if you no longer want to test. I am extremely understanding in that you are doing this as a favor for me with no recompense for your time other then a free PDF in your Ravelry library. You can send me a simple email with the subject ‘take me off the testing list’ and I will do so. No explanations needed.

Still interested in becoming a regular pattern tester? Awesome! Send an email at with the required information and letting me know you understand everything else and I will add you to the list.

If you are a regular pattern tester and your name is not on the list above it is because I haven’t added it yet. If it was on there before but is not now it is because I have taken you off the list temporarily or permanently. Email me if you feel this is in error.