BOOK REVIEW: 200 Emroidered Flowers

Title: 200 Embroidered Flowers
Author: Kristen Gula
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Non-fiction
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Book Description:

Learn how to stitch all your favourite flowers, leaves and foliage, with this is collection of tutorials for 200 embroidered flowers and foliage. Discover how to stitch beautiful blooms including roses, daisies, daffodils, pansies and buttercups as well as more exotic blooms.

Modern hand embroidery expert, Kristen Gula, shows you how to create all the floral motifs from a stitch library of less than 10 embroidery stitches.

As well as the step tutorials for the flowers and leaves, there are 10 projects for home decor items and accessories that showcase the embroidery so you can show off your makes and create beautiful gifts for family and friends. Choose from a collar motif, pillow cover, table decoration, shoe embellishments and many more!

My Review

This book has so many wonderful flowers to embroider! This book is for any skill – beginner and above Pictures are clear. Directions are clear as well. great embroidery book.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Craft Kingdom

Title: The Craft Kingdom
Author: Eli Maor
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies, Non-fiction
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Book Description:

Crafting and making art is very individual.
These moments are completely yours.
Even if you don’t have access to all of the materials, you can be creative and experiment.
If you prefer to use one type of material over the other, or if you prefer glue over sewing, do so.
The main purpose is to enjoy it and create your vision at every moment.
There is no need for any special skills for the projects in this book.
However, those who sell artwork and wish to obtain the maximum results should stick to the projects and supplies as written.
With that being said, there is no right or wrong way to craft and to make art, it comes down to having fun and express yourself.

This book contains 92 DIY, crafts and art projects.
Under each category, you will find the required supply for each project and a tutorial. At the end of the book, you will find stencils that will help you trace shapes and silhouettes for the projects.

This book is the ultimate guide to DIY and Craft projects, organized by subjects. Contains step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions, features – Colors, Nature Craft, Stamps, Washi Tape, Soap Making, Candle Making, Recycling Art, Repurposing, Accessories, Fabric and Textile, Buttons, Paper and Paper Napkins.

My Review

This book is filled with so many different projects! Most would be good to do on an afternoon. Many things can be found around the house and outside which is fabulous for those not wanting to spend a lot of money. Great book!

I received this book from for a honest review.

A New Family Member

this last Friday I went to PetCo to get Totos nails done. I always go look and talk tot eh cats while I am waiting for her to get done. This day was different. There was a cat who ‘called’ to me. She followed me everywhere, she meowed at me like I understood her, she just all around wanted me. I felt a connection to her like I did with Sam. Sam is a cat I spent 3 days at the local animal shelter with before I took him home 17 years ago. Anyhow. I decided screw the rules and adopted her. I planned on adopting another cat so Gretchen would have time to get used to her as I am sure Toto won’t make it another winter. I had no intentions of getting one now but I couldn’t resist. its like my life in complete – I have 2 cats.

Her name is Elizabeth. She doesn’t like Gretchen or Toto. Her papers says she was a friendly stray most of her life. That means a stray that wasn’t completely feral. She loves being petted & held if she allows it. Otherwise she gives you a look – that if looks could kill you would be dead & buried. She hates her picture being taken – it’s like she know when you are going to take one. She has earned her nick name well – Miss Hissy Pants. She’s already had kittens and she eats far too much just to throw it up later. It will take time and a lot of love. Once she realizes we are keeping her & there will be food at certain times of the day – a bowl full even – she will settle. Then we can work on more socializing. She is a project but one I won’t give up. At least she is litter trained.

As soon as she lets me take a decent picture of her I will add her to the My Girls Page. But for now here is a picture from this morning I posted on Instagram. She wasn’t a fan.

If looks could kill Elizabeth would kill us all.

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A note about the feeding/food availability: Gretchen is a glutton. Once she herself realized we where keeping her & there was food all the time all she would do is eat. I had to put Toto on a schedule so Gretchen decided she needed a schedule too along with her all the time available food. She gained far too much weight too fast. If Gretchen wasn’t a glutton I would have cat food out for them both all the time. However I might as well start Elizabeth on the same schedule. So far Elizabeth already feels heavier and her hips & ribs aren’t so pronounced.