Button Ridges 6 Inch Square

cost: FREE Download PDF from Ravelry. FINISHED SIZE: 6 Inches GUAGE: Complete square should be 6 inches. MATERIALS NEEDED: Worsted weight yarn in 2 colors – CA CB Size H (5mm) crochet hook Tapestry needle STITCHES USED: dc - double crochet sc - single crochet sl st - slip stitch ch – chain(s) bpsc- back post [...]

I Really Did It

Since the end of The LIch King expansion pack for World of Warcraft I have played said game.  That is the most commitment I've put into something other then being a parent (and lets admit it - if you know me - you know I'm a horrible parent).  My first achievement in the game was [...]

The Blanket Update

It's been a month since I posted Making Blankets.  I've been working on them slowly but surely.  Here is an update on where I am with them.  I am even adding a new one to the mix.  You know because I need more to do. Lotus Moon Blanket I decided to only make 4 squares [...]

ERRATA: Hills & Valleys 12″ Square

This has been posted on my ravelry group as well.   The PDF on ravelry has been updated as well so you may want to go to your library & update it there as well. Hills & Valleys have been updated. There where a few spots that the numbers where wrong but not enough to [...]

Making Blankets

I have 4 more blankets that I am making.  They will be Christmas gifts eventually.  They are all in the beginning stages so not much to see yet. Lotus Moon Blanket I was going to use the Lotus Moon Tiles pattern.  I was actually dreading making the bits & bobs that went with it.  With [...]