Personal FAQ

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to me & personal stuff. I have divided them up to sub sections depending on what they are pertaining to. If there is something you are looking for and it’s not here why not ask a question?

Where is your personal site at?

My personal blog can be found at

How old are you?

As of 2017 I was 36 or 37 depending on the time.

What music/bands do you like?

I like all different genres of rock music. It really depends on my mood. My go to bands are always KoRn, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Rob Zombie/White Zombie, Nirvana, Trivium, Lacuna Coil, Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin, Limp Bizkit, Chevelle, Static-X, Mudvayne, and Hell Yeah.

What are your favorite food and drinks?

Food: Chicken breasts, rice, Orange chicken, fried rice, Subway Club, Cadbury Creme Egg, and BLTs.

Drinks: Cherry Coke from Sonic Drive In, Dr Pepper, Salted Caramel Tea, Caramel Apple Dream Tea, Sleepytime Vanilla Tea, Mixed Berry Tea, and of course ice cold water.

What TV shows do you watch or have watched?

What I watch now: Lucifer, Ancient Aliens, Supernatural, Curse of Oak Island, Legends of Tomorrow, and sometimes How It’s Made.

What I have watched but won’t/can’t anymore: True Blood (I am so salty over the ending – last 3 seasons really), Agents of SHIELD (If Grant Ward comes back as a permanent character I will resume watching), Fringe, Walking Dead (it’s so boring), Arrow, Raw, Smackdown, Sleepy Hallow, Sponge Bob, Gumball, Adventure Time, and a few more cartoons I ended up liking with my boys.

What are your favorite movies?

I can safely say Underworld movies are at the top of the list no matter what. I can rewatch them and NEVER get tired of them. Other then that Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hellboy, The Matrix, and John Wick.

When did you learn to crochet and knit?

I learned to crochet in 1987. I tried to learn to knit in 1987 but I didn’t truly learn until 2007.

What crochet hooks & knitting needles do you use?

Crochet Hooks: Knitters Pride Waves and Clover Armor.

Knitting Needles: Any from Knit Picks and occasionally Susan Bates aluminum.

Do you play any video games? If so which ones?

I have played World of Warcraft since 2010 at the end of Wrath Of The Lich King expansion pack. I play Minecraft very rarely and I have no idea when I started playing it.

You said you played WoW – what are your characters?

I have them all listed on my personal blog I had to do this mainly because I got tired of going into the armory site and copy/pasting my toons name that had weird letters. I’m like a lot of other players that have 1 toon that holds everything or almost everything. When I get to mailing things around that are needed I just need to be able to get the list of names & servers in 1 spot.