Pattern FAQ

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to my patterns. If there is something you are looking for and it’s not here why not ask a question?

Why are you charging for all the 9 & 12 inch patterns?

When going through the patterns I decided to start charging $1.99 for single size square patterns and $2.99 for multiple size square patterns. They are the most common size used for swaps and mostly what I end up designing.

Why not charge $1 for paid patterns as well?

With most patterns I charge $1.99 or $2.99 for there are no free versions to print off the site here. See why I charge $1 for free pattern PDFs,

What language are the patterns written in?

All patterns terms (sc, dc, tr, etc) are American Terms. Everything else is written in English. To get the conversion between American & UK terms for stitches check out this page:

Why do you charge $1 for the use of PDFs?

It is to help pay for the sites hosting and domain registration. Check out this post for more information.