FAQ – Patterns

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to my patterns. If there is something you are looking for and it’s not here why not ask a question?

What yarn do you use to design with?

I usually use Red Heart Super Saver (RHSS). I sometimes also use Caron Pounders and JoAnns Big Twist Value.

What size hooks do you normally use when designing?

The size hooks I use are H (5mm) & I (5.5mm). Sometimes I use a G (4.5mm)

What program do you use to make your PDFs with?

I use Open Office. I can’t afford Word and Open Office is free.

How many patterns do you have published?

Over 60 according to Raverlry.

Why do you charge for some patterns & not the others?

The only patterns I am charging for right now are all 12″ squares, most 9″ squares, and a baby blanket. I decided in 2017 that I would charge for 12″ and 9″ squares. Also depending on how much work was put into designing the baby blanket would decide if I charged or not and if so – how much. Currently the only exception is the Mishmash KCAL squares I have designed. As of Jan 1, 2020 you will have to pay for those patterns as well.

Why are you offering mulitple patterns in 1 ebook?

When a few patterns go together or are designed with a certain theme, etc they will be put in an ebook. Like the Boouquet eBook – it has 6 patterns that are flower oriented and is a mixture between 12′ & 9′ squares.

Why do you only sell your patterns on Ravelry?

I don’t only seel my patterns on Raverly. You can find most of my patterns that are over $1 on lovecrochet & craftsy.

Why do you charge $1 on Ravelry for your free patterns?

I put work into formatting the PDFs so you get easy portable pattern PDFs. If you where on my site for the free patterns it more then likely would take your data. PDFs you can download and store on your device and not use any data. If you can make a PDF directly from the pattern page on my site that is perfectly fine & you are welcome to do so.