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Crafting 52 for 2018

Last year I did #crafting365 on Instagram. I had some days where I didn’t post – more then likely totaling 30-60 days of no pictures. It ended up being a chore for me to post a crafting photo every day. I decided a few weeks ago I still want to post craft photos but maybe I should do it weekly? Take a pic of everything I do that shows a difference of what I’ve done from a previous photo but post them all on 1 day. I’m thinking Monday will be the best day for this since I really do nothing in WoW on Mondays. The Instagram tags I will be using is #crafting52 #crafting52cj.

Patterns Updated to Version 2 – 4th Wave

Around 3 weeks ago I posted an update with patterns updated to Version 2 – 3rd wave. Here is the 4th wave update of what has been updated and added since then.

  • On The Road Again
  • Flay Square
  • Bloom
  • September Flower
  • Webbed Flower
  • Blooming Hearts
  • 6-7-8 Square
  • Winters Burst
  • Tulips, Oh Tulips

The entire pattern – with pictures for free patterns are now available on the site here as well as in PDF from Ravelry. The link to purchase paid patterns are on one page with a link to ravelry to purchase right away. Link to the free and paid patterns is above in the navigation.

I have also made a page with retired patterns listed on it. They are patterns I no longer felt was worth my time updating or they got put in with another pattern.

All squares have been tested an updated to version 2. This does not include any of the potholders, hot pads, scrubbies, wearables, etc.