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PATTERN UPDATE: Sundry Baby Blanket

Sundry Baby Blanket

After a few months of working on version 3 – this pattern has been updated! I don’t have everything I updated on this pattern but I do know a few things where missing & a few things where repeated. I have added the missing parts & removed the repeated parts. The updated PDf was over the limit you could upload to Ravelry so I broke it down to 6 parts. Each PDF starts with pdf#_ This lets you know in which order they go in. I hope this also helps with data usage – so you only have to download a smaller PDF for whatever part of the blanket you are working with instead of the whole PDF which is far larger. Eventually there will be a text only PDF – the only photo for that PDF will be of the pattern picture showing what the pattern is. Please go to you Ravelry Library & update or buy it now.

Server Transfer Done!

After nearly a week waiting for the previous domain registrar to release my domain and name server changes – has moved to a new web host. Things are still a bit out of place – mainly on the side bar. Slowly but surely images will be moved and may not work off and on. All things will be done as time goes on. Currently everything should work. If it does not please let me know by leaving a comment. Your comment may not show up right away – especially if you have never commented before Rest assured I will get it. My blog has also been incorporated into the main site for sure as I was talking about a few posts ago. It is just easier for me. That means there will be posts that you may not care about. I am thinking of putting the categories on the side bar so you can find posts you are interested in. As usual all patterns are on pages which are not posts and cannot be found through categories. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do to make the site better please leave a comment.

A New Look & Possible Server Moves

For a few weeks I have noticed that the site here would take up to a minute to load. That is not a good thing. I figured it was the javascript from the theme I was using. I found a temporary theme and adjusted the site as needed. I am not quite sure what sort of theme I want yet. I am looking through themes as I see them or I am shown them. I am not a fan of sidebars or sliders. I prefer the widgets to be on the bottom. I also like a full width or 3/4 width for the content. It will take time to find the perfect theme.

In other news. I am certain I will be switching hosts. I have found a host that has more storage for less then I pay at A Small orange. ASO is an excellent web hosting company and I would recommend them to anyone. Money is tight as always so if I find something better for cheaper then I will be using that service instead. I hope I have a theme found by the time I switch hosts or stay with ASO and renew for another year.

Crafting 52 for 2018

Last year I did #crafting365 on Instagram. I had some days where I didn’t post – more then likely totaling 30-60 days of no pictures. It ended up being a chore for me to post a crafting photo every day. I decided a few weeks ago I still want to post craft photos but maybe I should do it weekly? Take a pic of everything I do that shows a difference of what I’ve done from a previous photo but post them all on 1 day. I’m thinking Monday will be the best day for this since I really do nothing in WoW on Mondays. The Instagram tags I will be using is #crafting52 #crafting52cj.