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Moving Things Around

I have been thinking for a few weeks of removing my blog – Ramblings of An Introvert. I found I don’t blog much. There is no reason to have a special section for a blog I hardly blog in. I also want to start reviewing books I read. I lost faith in books and the worlds they provided after the HUGE let down from the Sookie Stackhouse (SVM) books. I know what a series to loose faith in books over. For some reason I just loved the Eric Northman character. Even when they made True Blood he was pretty much the only reason I watched True Blood. The good that came out of the huge let down on the book series AND the television show was I found a thing called fanfiction. I found a place to read what should have happened in True Blood & SVM as well as other shows and book series. Yes that book series helped me deal with the stress of how sick Jeremy was when he almost lost his leg. However had I known it was going to put me off books I would have stopped at book 10 and not read the last books. I will NEVER read another Charlaine Harris book.

What I am saying is I am putting my blog posts here on the main site because I want to start reviewing books. I need to find a good GoodReads plugin so I can post it there originally and it post here to the site. It will all come together. Soon.

An Actual Post With Personal Stuffs

This blog isn’t just a feed from my Instagram. No sir! Sometimes I write things too! Not that anyone reads this but that is fine. it’s here for me & not to clog up my pattern site, etc.

Anyhow. I got to thinking about my friends – or rather lack there of. I have a few friends – 2 that I talk to almost daily that I talk to outside of WoW. Then there are a few in WoW I talk to whenever they are on. Some more then others. We associate on Facebook because that is where the guild talks at when not in game. I have absolutely no friends in what you might consider IRL – in real life – meaning that I physically talk to when I see them. This doesn’t bother me at the slightest because it requires me to be around a person and I just can’t do that. There are only a few people I can handle seeing physically and that is because I have either known them all my life or most of my life or they are the significant other of the people I see physically. I much prefer an online friendship over a physical one. However I am picky about who I befriend online as well. They need to understand I might not talk for days and be ok with that. Even online it can by hard for me to talk to a person. The 2 people I talk to online almost daily understand that and expect the same out of me. We just ask each other to let each other know on twitter whats up so we don’t worry about each other. Well more then we normally would because one of our issues is anxiety and worrying about a person not talking to us for a few days when they talk every day only makes that worse.

But I’d like to have a few people around that I don’t mind occasionally talking to. In Wow or online through blog comments, etc. Not twitter or facebook.

I’m an introvert and PROUD that I am one.