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Just an update

It’s been a bit since I posted anything here. While this is not uncommon I thought I would explain why there hasn’t been much from me and why that will continue for a bit yet.

First thing is that I am moving. I can’t afford to live where I do anymore and my Mom is letting me stay with her till I find a place I can afford. I’ll be moving August 26th-September 2nd. Everything should be done Between August 27th-29th however. Someone owes me and they will pay it off by moving the big things.

Second thing is I was on new meds. About 6 months ago I started on Orencia via IV. After the first dose I got the flu really bad. It took about 4 months after that for me to get to the point where I didn’t cough, etc. I even had to have my inhalers which I hadn’t needed in 6 years. I went to see my rheumatologist 2 weeks ago and he put me on some other meds to help with pain until he got my inflammation rates. I hardly remember those 5 days I was on it. Everything was a dream. I forgot what I actually did & thought I had done things I hadn’t. I stopped it about 4 days ago & I am still so tired but at least I remember what I have done and not done.

Third things is that I am totally and utterly single. No more hanging on to a relationship that wasn’t working but I tried to make work anyhow. I am too old for that anymore.

I haven’t been designing for about a month now. I have 2 patterns out testing & 3 ready to be tested. I don’t know when I will have anything published except the 1 pattern I plan on publishing in September. I hope to get settled enough at my Moms for me to get back to designing and publishing my patterns. I am also working on putting a book together for the Mish Mash Blanket. Look forward to that as I will need proof readers and someone to test the knit squares for Hev. They all seem to be correct but I usually only knit socks so I might not catch anything.

The Joys Of No Medicine

This past Friday (April 12, 2019) was supposed to be my 2nd dose of Orencia Infusion. You are supposed to have the initial dose, 2 weeks later have the 2nd dose, and after that a dose every month. It is similar to other infusion meds in their timeline of doses.

I didn’t get my dose this time because I decided to be truthful and tell them I had a cough, my ears hurt, and my throat hurt. That I wasn’t sure it was a Lupus flare or not. It acted like one but muscles that only show themselves when I have the actual flu started to show themselves. That is the hard part of diagnosing Lupus – flares most time act like you have the flu. Just so you know – if you have the flu multiple times a year – you don’t have the flu most of those times and should research to see what it could be & work with your doctor.

I am getting off topic. Orencia is a Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine. It is why I am taking it. Last year I started Orencia in the shot form – once a week a shot I administered to myself was done on every Tuesday. My arms hurt towards the end and my doctor decided I needed the infusions.

Anyhow. I had no idea just how much pain I was ignoring. Having the ability to move my hands & arms without pain was a novel thing and I forgot what it was like not to feel pain ALL THE TIME in my arms. When the Orencia left my system completely after I stopped the shots my elbows locked up. That hadn’t happened before. I got put on steroids and it helped a bit. I then got my first infusion of Orencia and it helped a bit more though there was still pain. My elbows stopped locking up. I missed my 2nd infusion and a few days later wham ELBOWS LOCKED UP. I worked them loose and it hasn’t happened again – yet.

However I am not able to do much AT ALL. Plans I had for pattern releases are not going to go as planned. Except the April Showers Bring May Flowers CAL & The booster pack for the pattern. I will have the border released too. I also had plans on a Warm Up America pattern based of my Forest Chains square. I have it all written up – but not tested. I plan to still release it even without testing in May. It will be a completely free pattern – even the PDF. So if anyone finds errors they can tell me & I will fix it. If I can crochet or knit I will work on what I feel like working on and not the schedule I set for myself. Last night I could move enough to do a few chores & I did some crocheting. Today I regret EVERYTHING I did yesterday when I felt I could. BAD BAD BAD idea.

With all this blabbing I just wanted to let you all know things are slow. Things will be done. April Showers Bring May Flowers CAL will be done as planned as well as the booster pack for the pattern. Other things are still up in the air as to when I will release the patterns or do them.

Since I have no idea when I can resume my infusions I have no idea when things will be back on track. I also have been having nasty migraines because of the heat. Speaking of which I found the name for those – Barometric Migraines. Fun times. The heat & the air pressure from the heat effects me. Not the best for living in the area in Southern California I live in.