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March & April 2018 Finished Objects

Here is what I have finished in March & April of 2018. A few days late posting this – sorry!

Mitered Square blanket. Given to my Mom for her puppers.

A phone pouch I made & designed. Nothing too special.

A knitted leaf square. Was bored & wanted to try out this square.

Another puppers blanket for my Mom.

Graces shawl.

Graces Gloves

Making Coordinating Squares

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about making coordinating squares for some of my square designs. Meaning making a ‘plain’ square that you could use to make a blanket with the original design. I decided to start with Roadside Flower. This coming week I’ll be adding the coordinating square for Roadside Flower. It will have no petals yet it will have the same stitch count on each side of the square.

I would like it if you can help me decide which square to make a coordinating square for next.

Coming Soon
Graces Flower 0 ( 0 % )
Bloom 0 ( 0 % )
September Flower 1 ( 33.33 % )
Tulips, Oh Tulups 2 ( 66.67 % )

New eBook Available On Ravelry!

Bouquet Pack eBook

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Bouquet Pack is six crocheted square patterns designed by Jessica Phillips of

Patterns Included In Bouquet Pack eBook

9 Inch Squares
Grace’s Flower

12 Inch Squares
Blooming Hearts
Roadside Flower
September Flower

January & February 2018 Finished Objects

A few years ago every Friday I would post about the knitting and/or crochet projects I had finished that week. Back then there was usually 1 project done – and usually a pair of socks. I got burnt out on posting every Friday along with knitting a pair of socks every week. Besides I have I think nearly 40 pairs of socks – who really needs more? Not I. I decided since I am taking a lax stance at posting a project photo weekly this year on Instagram that I would post my finished projects every 2 months.

Without further wait here is what I have done for January & February 2018. They link to the Ravelry project page that has all the project information on.

Another Blue BeanieBrown WindschiefFlamenco BoomSundry Baby Blanket

Ravelry has a challenge for 2018! I have joined! It is to challenge yourself to finish projects. I have challenged myself to finish 11 projects in 2018 (I will add more if I hit 11 before the end of the year). As of this post I have done 5 of 11. Check out my challenge page: