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ERRATA: Forest Chains

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that Forest Chains had errors.
This post is to let you know about them, what they where, and how they are to be fixed. The errors do not make any sense. For beginning crocheters or those new to reading patterns – the pattern will not make any sense as it was. Please update your pattern!

Incorrect Instructions

On every odd round starting with round 5 and ending with round 13 there is an error. You will see this twice in each round:

Correct Instructions

This is what each error should say:

These errors have been corrected. Also a few instructions have been rewritten to make more sense. Please got to Ravelry or LoveKnitting to update your library if you have purchased the PDF. If you have downloaded the pattern from the site here please update your files. You can find the pattern at with all corrections made.