Author: Jessica

NEW PATTERN! Pretty Little Sachet

Pretty Little Sachet

This sachet is easy to make. All you need is to decide on your yarn (any yarn can be used) and circular knitting needles that work for the yarn you chose.

You will be working in the round using magic loop and Judy’s Magic Cast On. Make sure the circular needles you are using are comfortable for you to use them with magic loop.

The PDF and web page explains how to use the tulle, ribbon, and your choice of scented stuffing. I use rice and essential oils and a link is given to the site where I learned that from.

As usual you can pay $1 for the PDF on Ravelry or go to the pattern page and print from there. There is an option to do so however the PDF you will get will not be formatted.

Pattern written using American terms. If you have translated the pattern to another language or to UK terms please let me know. I’d love to add a PDF for others to use. You will get credit for helping out. 🙂

If you have any problems making this design please check out my group here on Ravelry – Knittery In the Crochet If there is not a thread already started about your issue please start one. I check the board daily although I’m not active very much.

Skill Level PNGs For Crocheting & Knitting

Today I realized the generic skill level signs I have for my patterns wasn’t transparent. Meaning the background was white. This is something that bothers me to no end. It limits me as to where I can put the skill level signs. With that I decided to make my own. They are big but you can make them smaller on your Word or OpenOffice document and they save just fine without distortion. Inside the ZIP file you will get beginner, easy, intermediate, & experienced skill level signs. The PDF inside the ZIP file tells you where I got the skulls I used as well as where the font comes from. These are free and will always remain so.

Click to download the skill level PNGs

Click the image above to download the ZIP file. Or download it at

Please don’t offer it on your site. Instead direct people here. Thank you!

Forever Happy

Yesterday was one of the most heart rending days I have had in the past 5 years. I had to put my Toto to sleep. She hurt so bad and couldn’t control her ability to poop very well. It was a steady decline from the time we had to put Shadow to sleep until last week – then it happened all of a sudden.

We got Shadow for Jeremy but Shadow adopted Rob as his human. Some assholes (aka neighbors) poisoned him along with other cats. Shadow was so bad we had to put him to sleep. Toto raised Shadow. She was His and He was Hers. Toto knew when he died and since that day she somewhat seemed to have given up. She had a broken heart. I think the only reason she kept going was because we loved her. When we got Gretchen she took over her care as much as Gretchen let her – but she seemed to just not care when we got Elizabeth.

She is forever happy now. No more pain. No more abuse. The last 7 years of her life was her best. I took her away from the abuse – mental, emotional, & physical she had all her life. She was spoiled and had us wrapped around her little paw.

She is the last dog I will save from their own personal hell & keep. I can’t do it again. I will help other dogs – I just can’t keep them.