Author: Jessica

Have You Ever Had?

Have you ever had a song that desribes you perfectly? You end up listening to it repeatedly – or what seems repeatedly. Yeah repeatedly as the people around you know it and they aren’t fond of that music…

Well I have found one such song. It’s recently released. I only listened to it as it was a Jonathan Davis song. I love all things Jonathan Davis/KoRN. This song seems to get me. I have no other explanation for the feeling I get when I hear it. The first few times I heard it I nearly cried.

I normally don’t post videos on my site or anyhting of the sort. I felt I needed to because a link to the video just wouldn’t cut it.

The link to the YouTube video page is

Monkey Socks Are Finally Done!

I finally finished my Monkey socks today! It’s taken a long time to get them done. I started them on April 8, 2017 according the my Ravelry project page. Knitting socks just don’t call to me like they used to a few years ago. One day I will also get a decent cast off for toe up socks figured out. Or make Jennys Stretchy Bind off look really good. One of the two.

Horrible picture I know. It will do though.