Heritage Armor

I play World of Warcraft nearly every day. It helps keep my mind going as well as forcing me to use my hands which hurt constantly if I don’t otherwise. Also it provides me pretty much all my social interaction. Yes, I am one of ‘those people’. Here is a list of my ‘toons’ that I play at least once a month. 

My characters are as follows. They are arranged by server then name.

Checklist Of Races

This is my checklist of races. Races crossed thru means that the armor has been gotten. A check mark next to the race means that race has a character working on the armor.

Blood Elf √
Goblin √
Highmountain Tuaren √
Mag’har Orc √
Nightbourne √
Orc √
Tauren √
Troll √
Zandalari Troll √
Dark Iron Dwarf √
Draenei √
Dwarf √
Gnome √
Kul Tiran Human √
Lightforged Draenei √
Night Elf
Pandaren √
Void Elf √

If you want to see my characters armory pages below is a list of each faction with each character name linked to their armory page.


Character NameRealm (US)RaceLevelArmor?
Frankîe Area52Zandalari Troll27no
Hügh ThrallHighmountain Tauren61no
Jemmie Thrall Blood Elf120yes
Kixxike Area52 Goblin71no
Lonicera TanarisTroll67no
Sîlvîa Thrall Nightbourne110yes
Vîjka Thrall Mag’har Orc47no
Wigand Thrall Tauren120yes


Character NameRealm (US)RaceLevelArmor?
Aña MoonguardDraenei120no
Dastardley MoonguardVoid Elf114yes
Emîlîee MoonguardKul TIran38no
Patootîe MoonguardDwarf120yes
Puntee MoonguardGnome120 yes
Seytunus MoonguardLightforged Draenei38no
Sinematic MoonguardPandaren111no
Tîk MoonguardDark Iron Dwaurf110yes