My WoW Characters

I play World of Warcraft nearly every day. It helps keep my mind going as well as forcing me to use my hands which hurt constantly if I don’t otherwise. Also it provides me pretty much all my social interaction. Yes, I am one of ‘those people’. Here is a list of my ‘toons’ that I play at least once a month.

My characters are as follows. They are arranged by server then name.

– have title
– have class mount
– Main characters played


Name Notes Realm Level Race & Class Profs
Allîson Thrall 110 Blood Elf Mage Herbalism & Skinning
Amsini Thrall 110 Blood Elf Hunter Engineering & Mining
Cinnistix Thrall 110 Blood Elf Paladin none
Grëtchën Thrall 110 Blood Elf Death Knight Blacksmithing & Mining
Sîlvîa Thrall 57 Nightborne Hunter none
Stjärna Thrall 110 Blood Elf Demon Hunter Herbalism & Skinning
Trashpañda Thrall 110 Panda Warrior none
Urala Thrall 31 Highmountain Tauran Druid none
Zoilist Thrall 110 Nightborne Priest Inscription & Herbalism
Curmudgéon Area 52 110 Orc Mage none
Hollister Area 52 100 Blood Elf Demmon Hunter none


Name Notes Realm Level Race & Class Profs
Ásta Madoran 110 Draenei Hunter Engineering & Mining
Elska Madoran 110 Night Elf Demon Hunter Skinning & Mining
Hammond Madoran 110 Night Elf Druid Herbalism & Skinning
Käresta Madoran 110 Void Elf Warlock Alchemy & Herbalism
Lenae Madoran 110 Draenei Paladin Inscription & Herbalism
Lythe Madoran 110 Draenei Preist Tailoring & Enchanting
Sygny Madoran 110 Draenei Monk Herbalism & Skinning
Svea Madoran 82 Draenei Warrior none
Trix Madoran 110 Draenei Death Knight Leatherworking & Tailoring
Ástríðr Dawnbringer 110 Draenei Shaman Herbalism & Skinning
Kyla Dawnbringer 110 Draenei Mage Jewelcrafting & Mining
Mirth Dawnbringer 110 Human Rogue none
Dastardley Dalaran 87 Void Elf Hunter skinning
Hollanaise Dalaran 102 Night Elf Demon Hunter none
Lîv Dalaran 44 Lightforged Dreanei Paladin none