Jessica I’ve been crocheting and knitting for many years. Crochet was taught to me by my Mother in 1987. I learned to knit on my own around 2007 though my Grandmother tried to teach me in 1987. I started designing squares and whatnot in early 2005 – finally starting to publish them in 2007. Being poor most of my life I learned how to crochet and knit using the cheapest yarn available to me at the time. With that in mind you will see most of my designs designed using Red Heart Super Saver or Sugar & Cream yarns. Even though I can afford better yarn I still use these yarns when designing and creating. When designing you will see me with my notebook, crochet hook and/or knitting needles, yarn, scissors, stitch markers, and measuring tape. I currently have 2 notebooks full of pattern ideas – most which will never be published. When not crocheting, knitting, or reading I play World of Warcraft, Sims 4, or Minecraft.



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A Bit About My Emails

I have 2 email addresses I use consistently. I try to use crochetjessicadesigns@gmail.com for all testing & pattern stuff. Sometimes though I end up using smellybuttair@gmail.com. I have them both going to the same inbox and I can send emails using either email. If you get an email from either one rest assured it is from me. Unless its spam. Then it’s not from me & please let me know so I can try to stop it from happening again.