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It’s been a bit since I posted anything here. While this is not uncommon I thought I would explain why there hasn’t been much from me and why that will continue for a bit yet.

First thing is that I am moving. I can’t afford to live where I do anymore and my Mom is letting me stay with her till I find a place I can afford. I’ll be moving August 26th-September 2nd. Everything should be done Between August 27th-29th however. Someone owes me and they will pay it off by moving the big things.

Second thing is I was on new meds. About 6 months ago I started on Orencia via IV. After the first dose I got the flu really bad. It took about 4 months after that for me to get to the point where I didn’t cough, etc. I even had to have my inhalers which I hadn’t needed in 6 years. I went to see my rheumatologist 2 weeks ago and he put me on some other meds to help with pain until he got my inflammation rates. I hardly remember those 5 days I was on it. Everything was a dream. I forgot what I actually did & thought I had done things I hadn’t. I stopped it about 4 days ago & I am still so tired but at least I remember what I have done and not done.

Third things is that I am totally and utterly single. No more hanging on to a relationship that wasn’t working but I tried to make work anyhow. I am too old for that anymore.

I haven’t been designing for about a month now. I have 2 patterns out testing & 3 ready to be tested. I don’t know when I will have anything published except the 1 pattern I plan on publishing in September. I hope to get settled enough at my Moms for me to get back to designing and publishing my patterns. I am also working on putting a book together for the Mish Mash Blanket. Look forward to that as I will need proof readers and someone to test the knit squares for Hev. They all seem to be correct but I usually only knit socks so I might not catch anything.

3 thoughts on “Just an update

  1. Hi Jessica, hope all goes great for you sweetie. I’ll email you as soon as I can. my rheumatic/arthritis med’s I was taking I stopped them. I was slowly going blind, Many nerves in my eyes are all ready damaged so I have a few blind spot’s and cant see.

    It was brave of you to end the relationship, you are strong and thing’s will get better day by day.
    I have send you the 2 pattern’s I tested for you.

    1. Thank you Sofia! I hope some of the nerve damage can be reversible. I have eye problems with my Lupus flares. This current one I am in I was practically blind for a day. It was a reality check I can tell you that.

      1. Hi Jessica, hope your settled in your new place. How are the kid’s? I hope your felling better with your health. I have send you a email before you moved, have you seen it. Hug’s

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