What Have You Finished This Year So Far?

I had planned on doing this sort of thing at the end of June. However World of Warcraft released Rise of Azshara Patch 8.2 at the end of June and I have been playing every chance I have. Since I have settled down a bit I thought to get this post out now although it is a bit late.

WARNING: All projects will be linked to my Ravelry project pages.

Simple Dishcloth
Hev asked me to write up a quick pattern for her class. This is the result.
Christmas Bulbs
This is a very old pattern I reformatted the PDF for. That meant I needed new a new picture.
Groovy Granny Blanket
My Mom bought the book this pattern originally was in when I was a kid. I had wanted this blanket since then. I finally made it.
Forest Chains For Warm Up America
I designed a Warm Up America rectangle based on my Forest Chains pattern.
April Showers bring May Flowers CAL
I came up with 5 hexagons and released them over 5 weeks in a CAL.
Forest Chains Errata
I was told about an error on Forest Chains. I fixed it & released V3. if you have the pattern update it please!
Scrappy Socks
In an effort to help me with my OCD I made some scrappy socks. it was hard yet easy.
Zehn Socks
These are to be my next sock pattern I released. However they are done but I needed to buy foot forms to show the design as blockers wouldn’t show it.
Sea Turtle Amigurumi
This turtle DID NOT make it to the water Scrollsage Nola.
Moms Dishcloth
My Mom asked me for a pattern with ridges. This is the result.
Cable Runner Socks
My very first sock pattern I released.
Purple Gothic Artichoke Socks
I found this yarn on Herrschners website & had to have it. I used the Artichoke pattern.
Striped Knit For Warm Up America
A knit square I designed for a Warm Up America rectangle.
April Showers Bring May Flowers Booster Pack
I made 4 more flower hexagons & called it s a booster pack.
Vanilla Socks
Made these socks with dk weight yarn.
Sliced Square
A 12″ square I designed. This picture shows the squares I made while designing it.
Framed Hearts
This is another square I designed. This picture shows the squares I made while designing it.
This One Didn’t Make It To The Water Either
Suck it Scrollsage Nola!
Filler Square
I finally expanded the original 6″ square to be both 6″ & 12″.
Purple Baby Blanket
I originally did this for my border photo when I released Border One.
April Fool Afghan Square
I was going to start JulieAnnys BAWCAL that week but my OCD got the best of me & I gave up before I got stressed.
Starbright Baby Blanket
I made a baby blanket out of my Starbright square. I plan on releasing more patterns with elements of the original square.
Moms Potholders
I made my Mom some potholders for her birthday this year.
Bellamy’s Popsicle
I made this for Briannas’ sons 1st birthday present. I was told he liked it.
My Monster Ami
found a pattern for a monster so I decided to make it. I plan on donating it to Ronald McDonald house in San Diego across from Rady’s Childrens Hospital.
Tailgate Socks
I saw this pattern when released and I wanted it so bad. Hev bought it for me and it was one of the best presents ever. I believe it will be my go to vanilla pattern.
JoRee Square
This is a 7″ square I designed & named after one of my Moms nicknames. She got me into making 7″ squares for swaps.

Do you play World of Warcraft? Retail and/or Classic (when it comes out in August 2019)? If you want to add me you can find me playing Aña on MoonGuard US or Jemmîe on Thrall US.

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