Hello everyone! I am asking for testers for my 3 scrubbie patterns. 2 are already published and 1 is ready to be published. Is anyone interested?

What do you need to test?

You will need worsted weight cotton yarn, H (5mm) crochet hook, the ability to take pictures & send them to me, the ability to follow a pattern written in US Terms and make corrections if needed, and an email address you check regularly so we can correspond if needed more then me sending you the patterns & you sending back the test notes.

What scrubbies do you need tested then?

The scrubbies I need tested are Double Sided Scrubbie, Ridgeline Scrubbie, & my not yet published hexagon Scrubbie.

You can find the Double Sided Scrubbie at http://crochetjessica.com/patterns/dishcloths/double-sided-scrubbie/.
You can find the Ridgeline Scrubbie at http://crochetjessica.com/patterns/dishcloths/ridge-line-scrubbie/.
The Hexagon Scrubbie has yet to been published.

Yes you will see a theme with them as they are mimicked after circles, squares, & hexagons. After testing these patterns/pdfs will remain free. I just need to make sure they are properly written, etc.

So how do I let you know I want to test these scrubbies?

Post a comment on this blog post using the email address you want me to email you the patterns to. You can also contact me on Instagram & Ravelry. Just make sure you give me the email address you want me to send the patterns to. My Instagram is at https://www.instagram.com/crochetjessica/ & my Ravelry user name is Jessika.

Important Dates

  • Testers can sign up to test until May 25, 2019.
  • Testing should be done by June 10, 2019.
  • Any amount of testers are welcome!

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