Warm Up America

Knitters Pride offered free hooks & needles for those who wanted to help make rectangles for Warm Up America. I opted for needles as I had already more hooks then I knew what to do with.

When I signed up to get the needles I decided I should make at least 2 patterns to be released in May 2019 when there was events for Warm Up America. Sadly the flu finally hit me right after I started new meds and had a flare. I have had no time to test these patterns or anything to make sure they are proper. I have made a few of each to make sure they seem ok. However if they aren’t let me know!

Currently I only have 1 rectangle ready for publication. I’ll get to writing up the knit rectangle soon & hopefully have it out before the end of May.

Warm Up America Patterns

Forest Chains

I love my pattern Forest Chains. It was my first ‘official’ pattern I released years ago. I thought it only fitting I designed a rectangle based off Forest Chains. It is worked flat (back & forth, turning). There is also a border for each side so hopefully it will be easier for assemblers to put the blankets together.

Link to pattern page:

Striped Knit

This knit rectangle came to me when I was sick with the flu. I was thinking ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if the striped lined up just right?’. And what do you know they did! I thought to write it down what I did and offer it for part of my Warm Up America patterns.

Link to pattern page:

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