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A few weeks ago I went though all my scrap sock yarn I am using on my Northeasterly Blanket and found 20 colors I wouldn’t mind having on a pair of scrappy socks. Most are self striping or variegated (is that the word or is there something else it should be called for sock yarn?), with 2 solid colors. I have had most of this yarn for 5 or more years. Each color has been made into a pair of socks for me. Some of those pairs I have given to my Mom, Grace, and Hev.

You may ask why I am posting a blog post of scrappy socks. Everyone has done them or will do them. Not this person! I had no plans on it whatsoever. I couldn’t fathom the thought of not have clear & concise order to the colors and/or patterns. It would drive me nuts just looking at scrappy socks. Making the Northeasterly Blanket has been hard for me to do. I want to group all the colors together then order them by self striping, variegated, or solids. To go even further I want to order them on a gradient where one color leads to another. In the last few years I had gotten to the point I could look at scrappy socks and not have a fit about how the colors where out of order, etc. That was a huge step for me.

You see I have OCD. It doesn’t manifest in the way that everyone thinks it does. That is because I have found a way to not let it get that bad. Growing up in the age where kids don’t have those problems I had to. Even my scrap blankets had order to them. The colors where similar in one area, stitches where similar, etc. It also manifests itself in my World Of Warcraft game play.

This past few months since starting the Northeasterly Blanket I have wanted to over come this issue. Last year there was a KAL for scrappy socks on Instagram (I forget the name). I made myself look at the socks. Then it occurred to me that they could be in order – that being out of order was the order for the colors. The scrappiness not matching in each sock was done on purpose. It was ok to not be in order for the scrappiness to have order. Once that thought entered my head I got the urge to make a pair of scrappy socks.

To help me be ok with the colors not matching or being out of order – other then reminding myself this is how they are supposed to be so it is ok – I have made a few ‘rules’ to stick by.

  • Each sock can’t have the same colorway except the toe, maybe the heel depending on what heel I use. Maybe the ribbing on the top of the cuff can be the same color as well if I choose a pattern that calls for ribbing.
  • Each color has to be at least 10 rounds wide unless I run out of the colorway before I reach 10 rounds.

That’s it – 2 simple ‘rules’. 2 simple ‘rules’ that make me want to go hide in a corner and cry. If I think too long on the ‘rules’ I get stressed out and start to want to freak out. Just knowing that scrappy socks are ok to be like this doesn’t always help. I have learned though that it is ok to feel it for a few seconds so I can remind myself why I am making scrappy socks.

Will these socks ever get done? If I do complete them how long will it take? No one knows the answers to those 2 questions. I am going to try to get them done by the end of 2019 though. And I am doing 2 at a time – as I usually do with my socks.

I did start the scrappy socks today though. I only got the toes done. They are at 72 stitches – 36 on each needle. I can’t decide it I want to do plain vanilla socks or a pattern. I guess that is the next thing I need to decide. Then I have to decide on colors. I may have Hev and Grace choose for me. I think that might help a lot and not make it so stressful. I am adding a picture of my progress so far. I want to post about making them as I go. It is such a big step for me to even think about doing this & going this far. I really want to complete this pair of socks.

Yes that is indeed Horde wrapping paper. I have Alliance wrapping paper too. I will always be Horde at heart & will follow Sylvanas Windrunner to the ends of Azeroth. My Alliance toons are just double agents you like the fact everything is in one spot basically in Boralus Harbor.

2 thoughts on “Scrappy Socks

  1. To pick your color order, I would put all the colors in a bag. Then when ready to change pull out two No changing, no exchanging. By picking 2 colors then you have one for each sock. As always I will be happy to tell you which colors to do.

    You have done amazing on your Northeasterly blanket.

    1. I do feel like a child when I look back at the things I can’t do because of my OCD. I should not have to rely on people telling me what colors to choose but yet here I am probably going to do so. Tomorrow I am sure I’ll be asking.

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