BOOK REVIEW: A Mate to Cherish (The Hunters Book 1)

Title: A Mate to Cherish (The Hunters Book 1)
Author: Laylah Roberts & Eliza Lee
Genre: Science Fiction, Aliens
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Book Description:

They are fallen from grace. A race once worshipped that had grown arrogant and greedy. Now they are few and spend their lives hunting the guilty and bringing them to justice.
A sexy dream. Two hot, sensual lovers. More pleasure than she’s ever felt before. What more could a girl want?
Um, maybe for it to be real. Lauren has hit rock bottom. After fleeing Earth, she ends up penniless and homeless. Before she can even begin her new job, she’s arrested for prostitution and thrown in jail.
Could things get any worse?
Well, yes, actually. They could.
Try getting horribly ill, ending up on the auction block, and being sold to two gorgeous, domineering, stubborn men who intend to return her to the very place she fled.
Malik knows the female in their dreams is their mate. He wants her, craves her, but he can’t bond with her without Tarin, and convincing Tarin she’s theirs will be an almost impossible task.
Tarin is always in control. Always in command. But when the hunt leads them to Lauren, he finds that very control tested. She intrigues and annoys him. Brings him both joy and terror.
But most importantly, she makes him feel.

My Review

This book drew me in right away. The story telling was good. I liked the story over all but there wasn’t quiet enough details. I get this was probably on purpose for the other series and I’ll read those so I get the answers I want. And like any other female lead I wanted to reach in the story & slap her a few times to knock some sense into her.

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