BOOK REVIEW: The Family Table Slow Cooker: Easy, healthy and delicious recipes for every day

Title: The Family Table Slow Cooker: Easy, healthy and delicious recipes for every day
Author: Dominique DeVito
Genre: Food & Drinks, Cookbook, Non-fiction
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Book Description:

The Slow Cooker is now middle aged! Invented in 1950, the Slow Cooker has been popular in the early 1970s. The miracle appliance was the perfect compliment to the busy modern life style, but considered a backwater to the world of fine food. That all changes now!

Veteran bestselling cookbook author Dominique DeVito introduces a whole new take on great slow foods! DeVito catalogs recipes covering breakfast, snacks, and dinner, and appeals to all sorts of ethnic traditions. She features fresh farm-to-table ingredients, and highlights ribs, roasts, chicken, pork, and beef, whiles also offering a wide range of International flavors, including French, Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, and other ethnic dishes, as well as new healthy takes on such staples as four-cheese mac and cheese, six bean chili, old fashion Boston baked beans, classic stews and amazing spicy jerk dishes. Detailed instructions smooth the way for cooks new to this time-tested cookware.

My Review

This book had me drooling at all the pictures. Some how they even made seafood (which I hate with a passion) look good. The recipes seemed like they would be easy to follow – your food should turn out perfect! I am seriously thinking about buying this book as I eat about 1/2 of what is in it. I have been having to use my slow cooker more often and this will be perfect!

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