BOOK REVIEW: Improper Cross Stitch

Title: Improper Cross Stitch
Author: Haley Pierson-Cox
Genre: Arts & Crafts, Non-ficton
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Book Description:

Sometimes it’s good to be a little..improper. Profane, funny, and smart, Haley Pierson-Cox’s THE IMPROPER CROSS STITCH invites the modern crafter to bring personality and humor to their cross stitch projects. From a fully designed “Damn it feels good to be a crafter” to the beautiful Art Deco inspired “fuck,” Haley’s patterns are fresh, lively and just what the crafter ordered.

In this book, she’ll introduce readers to the joys of stitching the naughty, the profane, the irreverent, and the just plain awesome. First, she starts with a basic lesson in cross-stitch technique, no previous experience required. Then, once readers know your way around an embroidery hoop and a skein of floss, the books moves on to the designs―35 in total, ranging from hip, to nerdy, to ironically domestic―where Haley encourages crafters to embrace their inner snark with gleeful abandon.

Her easy to follow instructions and colorful designs can make a cross stitcher out of anyone. In all her years of crafting, Haley’s learned many things, but this simple fact remains one of the most important: There is absolutely nothing in this world quite so satisfying as enshrining something deeply inappropriate within the delicate stitches of a cross-stitch sampler. It’s truly one of life’s great delights!

My Review

I NEED THIS BOOK!!! This is my kind of cross stitching! This book really makes me want to go buy some supplies and abandon all my crocheting & knitting projects & make some of these. Especially the cat lady one. What I have seen of this book so far and what there wasn’t to see (it’s a 30 page preview for me) I can’t wait to spend the money on a hard cover book. I NEED it to be hardcover so I can carry it with me & my new obsession of cross stitching. This books is fabulous. It has to be to make me want to add a new hobby – well pick up one I haven’t done in over 20 years.

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