BOOK REVIEW: Crochet Loom Blooms: 30 Fabulous Crochet Flowers & Projects

Title: Crochet Loom Blooms: 30 Fabulous Crochet Flowers & Projects
Author: Haafner Linssen
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
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Book Description:

Discover the blossoming trend of flower looming! It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s fun, and with a bit of crochet you can create a stunning collection of 30 flower motifs. In Crochet Loom Blooms, you’ll find everything you need to get you started including:
Step-by-step guide to using a flower loom, plus detailed illustrations on crochet stitches that bring your flowers to life.30 unique flower motifs in a variety of shapes and styles–from simple and lacy to dense, multi-layers foliage, Crochet Loom Blooms has it all.5 fabulous projects and valuable tips and tricks from best-selling author Haafner Linssen that will have your home bursting with crochet loom blooms in no time!A garden of delight, you’ll find yourself referencing Crochet Loom Blooms time again whether looking for specific instruction or a dose of inspiration.

My Review

This book is beautiful. It is a bit mesmerizing to me – that is mainly because this is new to me. Flower Looms? I didn’t realize there was such a thing and I have been crocheting & crafting since 1987. This book makes me want to go run out and get a flower loom or some sort of loom and make me a flower or 20. And make them all into a pretty blanket. Makes my creative mind work and what I could do with some designs! I could do so much. Sadly I don’t have time to get into flower looms so I will live vicariously through anyone doing them. I also love that there is both written instructions and graphs.

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