BOOK REVIEW: Retro Cross Stitch: 500 Patterns, French Charm for Your Stitchwork

Title: Retro Cross Stitch: 500 Patterns, French Charm for Your Stitchwork
Author: Véronique Enginger
Genre: arts & crafts, non-fiction
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Book Description:

Enter this deliciously vintage universe of 500 patterns and add a touch of nostalgia to your stitchwork. Recreate 1800s and 1900s fashion house designs and milliners’ catalogues. Take your cross stitch on a bon voyage into the past with traveling motifs like trunk labels of exotic destinations and railroad advertising posters. Other sections of patterns feature tea and coffee motifs, and daily life in vintage terms. Many of the designs include multiple scenes and motifs, offering you hundreds of components to use in a myriad of ways. Throughout, be inspired by “mood boards” of completed motifs, along with photos of projects that will show off your creations in daily life.

My Review

Whenever I read books about cross stitching or see kits the colors are always to bright or gaudy for the design for me. This book doesn’t have this problem. The colors are perfect for each design. There is a balance between the design and colors and what you see with your own eyes ‘in real life’. The designs are retro & reminds me much of what I associate with empherma paper products. I have attempted in the past to do cross stitching but not since I was a kid have I wanted to do it as bad as I do when I look through this book. If I ever get back to doing cross stitch like I do my knitting or crocheting I will look into buying this book and any others by the author.

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