BOOK REVIEW: Inspired Shawls: 15 Creative Patterns for Year-Round Knitting

Title: Inspired Shawls: 15 Creative Patterns for Year-Round Knitting
Author: Laura Zukaite
Genre: arts & crafts, non-fiction
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Book Description:

Knitters of all skill levels will rejoice in this colorful collection of 15 original shawl patterns. These stylish, versatile designs will complement any outfit, formal or casual, while offering the warmth and comfort of a cloak. Perfect for any season, the patterns include varying yarn weights and textures that provide the pleasures of year-round knitting. Their unique designs, rendered in bold colors as well as in neutral shades, offer a rich assortment of knitting choices.
Author Laura Zukaite was inspired in the creation of these shawls by the vibrant handicraft traditions she observed during her South American travels. Beautiful full-color photographs illustrate the patterns, which feature herringbone and cable stitches, ruffles, stripes, geometrics, and other eye-catching motifs in an array of gorgeous, hand-dyed yarns. The diversity and abundance of designs guarantee that this book is one that knitters will turn to time and time again for an inspiring range of patterns.

My Review

I would not buy this book to keep on my shelves. That is because these are not my type of shawls to knit. With that aside the shawls are beautiful and if I did knit these types of shawls I would love this book. There is more then just knitting needing to be done as I saw tassels in a photo. I couldn’t read this book on my tablet on Adobe Reader but I could on my computer ONLY on Adobe Reader. I also tried to convert it to epub so I could read it on my tablet but no go it was terribly converted. I would have a better review then this had I been able to read this on my tablet as I save reading for bedtime. The technical difficulties isn’t the reason for the 4 star rating – it is because it’s not my type of shawls to knit.

I received this book from for a honest review.

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