BOOK REVIEW: Amazing Origami Boxes

Title: Amazing Origami Boxes
Author: Tomoko Fuse
Genre: arts & crafts, non-fiction
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Book Description:

Simple but unique, an origami box represents the thoughts and feelings of its maker. Between the pleasure of paperfolding and the satisfaction of having a handmade item to use (or give!), the box forms a positive association for the maker (and between the giver and recipient). In this guide, origami master Tomoko Fuse presents 20 original designs for origami boxes — some simple, others more complex, all made from a single sheet of paper.
Beautiful, full-color photographs accompany step-by-step instructions and diagrams for a splendid variety of completely functional boxes. They range from conventional square and rectangular shapes to those in the form of a bird, a basket, a cat’s head, a flower, and other shapes. By varying the type of paper and color combinations, folders can create an endless variety of effects. Suitable for origami enthusiasts of all skill levels, this guide promises hours of creative joy.

My Review

This book is wonderful. It makes me want to travel a half an hour away to the only craft store that carries origami paper & buy some to try to make all these boxes. I have been fascinated by Origami since I was a child and my oldest son was fascinated by it as well when he was a child. This book would have been well used by either of us. I have already tried a few of the boxes using regular printer paper I cut into squares but they turned out horribly because I obviously cant fold paper well. This book will be good for anyone that is into paper crafts. It explains things well and the pictures are clear. The explaining of folds is really helpful.

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