BOOK REVIEW: How To Window-Box: Small-Space Plants to Grow Indoors or Out

Title: How To Window-Box: Small-Space Plants to Grow Indoors or Out
Author: Chantal Aida Gordon & Ryan Benoit
Genre: non-fiction, how-to, guides, gardening
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Book Description:

From the founders of the popular gardening blog The Horticult comes a guide to the window box, the container garden that is by far the most accessible for any skill level, space, or quality of light. The 16 indoor and outdoor projects range from succulents to veggies, and showcase a variety of full sun- and shade-loving foliage. Bright photography and a thorough introduction to soil, watering, and plant varieties make this a great primer for anyone who’s green to gardening.

My Review

Living in an apartment with no place for anything outside this book interested me very much. When I was growing up in Carlsbad, CA my Mom had plants EVERYWHERE. If there was an empty spot there would be a plant bought and put there. Throughout my childhood and up until about 10 years ago I would mess with her plants & replant them. 10 or so years ago I stopped being able to go out in the sun and I moved to an apartment without places for plants. This combined had me a place without any sort of plants.

There was a good introduction and the authors go over more then 10 different window boxes. The photos where colorful, bright, and clear. The instructions on how to put it all together was well written. It also covers extra lighting which I was VERY interested in as that is the thing that stops me from having plants at all. I especially like the part about customizing your own box – it gets you to think about what is possible for your windows and areas. I plan on keeping this book on my shelves for future reference – especially when I am able to get lighting and can make myself a window box garden. Maybe I should even make a cat nip garden for my cat.

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