Title: Pack Bound
Author: Leisl Leighton
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
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Book Description:

Five hundred years ago, facing extinction, a group of powerful witches united to create a pact with the Were to save witch-kind. The pact expelled an ancient evil, known only as the Darkness, that was blocking the Were from their wolves. With the Darkness destroyed, the Packs and their Covens grew strong as they thrived beside each other in their brand-new world.

But the Darkness was not destroyed.

Skye Collins has been brought up to fear her magic and shy away from witch and Were alike. But when Jason McVale, the Alpha of Pack McVale, comes in search of her, she is intrigued and tempted. Her mistrust of magic and wariness of the intensity of passion she shares with Jason threatens her control—and if she loses control, she just might turn into the weapon the Darkness intended her to become all along.

My Review

I finally got time to read this book. I was excited to read it since I was an idiot & read the 2nd book first. Anyhow. Throughout the book I wanted to reach into that world & slap sense into the characters screaming SHE’S THE BAD PERSON! even if she did it out of love for her grandchildren – it was wrong and she really knew it. I guess I am used to werewolves & witches to be more old world or more suspicious then they are in this book. It’s not a bad thing that they are like humans are today though. It’s a fresh look on things and makes you think. It’s nice not to have the same feeling to the werewolf & witch lore for me anyhow. I am just glad that Skye decided to be stubborn and stay & it worked out enough for there to be more book in the series. If I had been a good girl & read this book first that would have made or break the series for me.

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