BOOK REVIEW: Sewing Machine Magic: Make the Most of Your Machine

Title: Sewing Machine Magic
Author: Steffani Linceum
Genre: Arts > Crafts > Sewing
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Book Description:

Sewing machines are complicated machines, but with the instruction you’ll find in Sewing Machine Magic, you can make even an old sewing machine work wonders.

With just a little know-how and the right accessories, you can get the most out of your sewing machine and give all your sewing and quilting projects a professional look!

In Sewing Machine Magic, author and sewing expert Steffani Lincecum shares 30+ years of experience on how to handle a sewing machine with greater ease and confidence, and explains how to easily find and use the right presser feetand other accessories for your machine, whether you purchased it at retail or found it at a yard sale.

You’ll learn the logistics of managing thread, how to achieve the proper stitch formation for every project, and how to troubleshoot a variety of common sewing problems. Learn to use more than 30 presser feet and other accessories, from the basics to more specialized tools designed to maximize efficiency, precision, and creativity. The 10 fashion and home decor projects show inventive ways to use some of the feet and accessories.

My Review

This book has inspired me to start sewing. I have off & on all my life – usually when my Mom was around to make sure I didn’t break her Pfaff. I have had a few sewing machines myself and I have made things (curtains mainly). This has helped me to narrow down my current search for a sewing machine I would want. Especially the foot sections. Also the chart that helps you decide what kind of sewing machine you are/want/need is awesome. I can see myself buying a physical copy of this book when I do start sewing (whenever that is) so I can refer to it at all times.

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