I need pattern testers for the Mish mash squares I will be offering. If you are interested please reply to this post or reply on my ravelry group at

Why Do I Need Testers?
For the past few years I have been relying on Hev & Grace for testing my patterns. Since they are going to be participating in the KCAL I thought I would ask others to test and let them do the crochet part as it is posted.

What You Need To Do As A Tester

  • Be able to complete the square and send in notes/photos by the date specified.
  • Be able to take photos of your square and any other photos you think will be needed for the pattern.
  • Use an email you check regularly. I will be using this email to talk with you about your notes, photos, etc. Also if you need clarification during testing I will be corresponding to you vie email.
  • You cannot post photos, etc of the finished square until it is posted on Ravelry.

Possible Stitches & Techniques You Will Need to Know

  • The basic stitches: slip stitch (sl st), ch (chain/s), sc (single crochet), hdc (half double crochet), dc (double crochet), tr (triple crochet)
  • puff (puff stitch)
  • pop or pc (popcorn)
  • fpsc (front post single crochet), fphdc (front post half double crochet), fpdc (front post double crochet), fptr (front post triple crochet)
  • Color work/Tapestry crochet
  • surface crochet (sl st around each st)
  • BLO (working in the back loop of each st indicated)
  • RS (right side) & WS (wrong side)

Materials You Will Need

  • Crochet hooks in G, H, & I sizes.
  • stitch markers
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • Pen & paper if you write notes down physically
  • A camera of some sort for you to send pictures of completed square and any others you think are needed.
  • measuring tape

How To Sign Up To Be A Tester
There are 2 ways to sign up to be a tester.

  • Contact me on Ravelry. My user name is jessika. As the subject on the message put MISH MASH PATTERN TESTER. Please include your name you would like to to use for you, your email address, & how long you would like to be contacted to see if you would like to test a pattern.
  • Use the contact form below. Replying to the post works but for some reason it doesn’t always let the commenter know it worked.

What do you mean how long you would like to be contacted to be a pattern tester? I will have a list of people who have been asked to be a pattern tester for the Mish Mash KCAL. Every time I have a pattern that needs tested I will email each person on that list. You can let me know what dates you can be contacted. Example: You can be contacted for every square during the KCAL or you can be contacted on this current test. Or you can be contacted until June 2018 for a testing. This prevents me from ‘spamming’ you with offers to test when you know you can’t test. At any time you can drop out or change your dates. Just post here or my site & let me know. The comments will not be closed and I will always get the notifications here or on Ravelry.

SIgn Up For Pattern Testing

Reminder: NO ONE will have access to your email but me. I will be using email for contact, etc for pattern testing.


  1. I would love to test for you Jessica! I am an advanced crocheter and would be happy to be contacted for all of the tests.

  2. I have e-mailed you as I’m very interested and have plenty of time and consider myself as very confident with all stitches and love a challenge.

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